Clearly explain how members should message @Bug-Support and make that info easily accessible

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to know how to message @Bug-Support. I know that I need to message them, by reading through the forums, just how to message them is my question.

Some background:

As a member, posting bug reports and/or feature requests is a process that has plagued many. This issue has been given a solution which is to message @Bug-Support. However, my question is how should I message them? Where is this info and why’s it not more easily accessible?

I’m not asking in terms of “you click the button with text that says ‘message’.” I’m looking for a format, information.

I know how to post x category, if I was a regular that is, like a feature request as that has got a page on the process and info. However, I don’t know ‘how’ to message @Bug-Support properly.


Do I send my entire post request/bug report to @Bug-Support tagged with a “feature-request”/ “bug-report” tag? Is that it? Should I have a follow up message or reply?

Can moderation move my post to the correct category if it’s in the wrong category? Should they move it from my own flagging with a message to them asking for them to move it to x category?

Can @Bug-Support un-moderate my post and then move it to the requested category?

Should I message Bug-Support asking to move my reply of that initial message? What can and can’t they move to certain categories?

What are the response times? Should I bump, when, and if at all?

My ask:

Give overall clarity on @Bug-Support with any info you can give, especially how to message @Bug-Support properly, and do so in an easily accessible way. I shouldn’t have to go searching for a staff response, the info should be there when trying to report bugs/requesting features.

Possible action: Making a post or message in
#feature-requests & #bug-reports, pinning it, regarding info on using @Bug-Support as a member for the purpose of reporting bugs and requesting features.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my, and everyone’s, experience using the forum because it would allow everyone to know what to do regarding being a member and wanting to request a feature or report a bug.

Things like estimated response times are vital along with being able to find information easily, and it currently isn’t.

Additionally, here are links regarding this post:

How to post a Bug Report (no info on posting on this topic as a member)

How to post a Feature Request (no info on posting on this topic as a member)


Information on where to report bugs can be found in the Can’t post bug reports or feature requests? topic. This is pinned to #forum-help:forum-questions and is easily accessible to anyone searching for it.

Scrolling down through the How to post a Bug Report topic, you’ll see a few example reports that are valid; these are examples which can be used when messaging @Bug-Support.

Whether you do or not is your own prerogative but I don’t see the need. You can file bug reports to @Bug-Support with all relevant information required, anything off-topic would be invalid.

Intentionally posting in wrong categories and asking for it to be moved elsewhere is unwise. Moderation can move posts, whether they will or not is a different matter.

As far as I’m aware, only the message can be moved into a separate category, replies cannot. Usually if there has been any discussion beneath your report, it will be asked to be sent again in order for it to be moved.

As for response times, you won’t get a clear answer. It can take hours, weeks, or even months.


Ever since the system to have your Trust Level to be levelled to Regular was shut down for maintenance, those that wanted to report bugs throughout Roblox and its applications + websites could only have the alternative to private message @Bug-Support.

The idea of filing a bug report is basically what you see in the categories of #bug-reports, although if you wish to write furthermore information, it is possible to take little tips throughout the topic as @CookiesAndCream3861 mentioned:

Now, regarding moving your posts to bug categories, this is only if they could reproduce it and identify it truly as an unexpected behaviour that shouldn’t have happened. If your bug was possible, one of the team would approve and move to the specific section:

(In the times to respond, there are none… So, you should be patient until their return)

In addition to producing topics within #feature-requests, this is currently not possible due to being exclusively for “Regular” developers, yet the sample to create and structure is the same as you mentioned in this link:

Independent of having a “higher role” on the Developer Forums, this is going to be for everyone.

I know that post exists, I’ve been on it many times in the past. My question is why the info from it: is not on here: How to post a Bug Report or How to post a Feature Request.

Example, bug reporting. Don’t you think members looking to post a bug report would click the bug report category, see that they can’t post there, and then go to the How to post a Bug Report topic to learn, get this, how to post in the bug reports category?

Well, that’s what many have done. Went to the post that should’ve helped them, but didn’t. Then, a user would go to Can’t post bug reports or feature requests? if they even search for it or know to.

I simply ask that the info in Can’t post bug reports or feature requests? be either moved to How to post a Bug Report and How to post a Feature Request, or, the Can’t post bug reports or feature requests? post be referred to within How to post a Bug Report and How to post a Feature Request.

I mean, look at the likes on Can’t post bug reports or feature requests?:

You cannot tell me this is the first page people went to when trying to report a bug or make a feature request. There’s gotta be so many bugs and/or features that simply didn’t see the light of day.

Additionally, I’m not asking how to write a bug-report or how to write a feature request. I know how to do that. Just, how do I do that if I am a member? “@Bug-Support.” Ok, but how?

I don’t want other members speculation and assumptions. I want an actual response from someone who knows and that can make this info actually easily accessible with the topics/posts we have been given.

I’ve seen before to bump the message after 2 weeks if no response was given. From my understanding, Roblox is understaffed as a whole and I understand that. However, I’ve seen cases where things don’t get responded to for 2 years+.

I don’t think it’s a matter of patience, it’s rather a matter of not caring/forgetting about what you messaged/posted. If it’s patience, months or even 2+ years sure is testing it for a whole lot of people including me.

I’ve been around for a while on the forums and actively search for things, I know I can’t get regular and most if not all post surrounding it. And, I know one person has been at the forefront of responses regarding the rank issue whilst repeating the same info to different people. If the info was more easily accessible, and well, if people did what I did, search more actively, then I wouldn’t be making this post.

Sorry if this comes off a little frustrated, but that’s how I feel. The process of trying to use this forum sometimes just is and I don’t want it to be.

Hey @Reditect thanks for the feedback. This flow where people can message Bug-Support is intended as a temporary stop-gap to make sure people are able to post important feedback. We’re avoiding advertising it too much around the forum so that the inbox is not further overloaded. The current workflow doesn’t scale well as it requires a lot of manual intervention by our bug triaging team members.

We’re working on better scaling how we intake creator feedback and once we ship that, this problem should go away because everyone will report feedback the same way. So while we’re not going to action on this in the immediate term, I wanted to let you know we’re actively working on that more scalable solution, and my current expectation is that you will see improvements here in terms of accessibility over the course of 2023.

The reason why it is taking some time to scale this up is because we have a very unique relationship with our community and we want to make sure we can retain that at high scale. (We want to make sure you still get the same level of service from engineers and product managers if 10x or 100x more people are posting feedback.)


It would be pointless creating a duplicate topic for a different category. Even moving the “Can’t post bug reports or feature requests?” topic to #bug-reports/#feature-requests wouldn’t solve anything as those who are looking to file a bug report/feature request may need to look in either category to find why the cannot post there and where to file it.

Many forum users look in #bug-reports or #feature-requests trying to file a report/request but to no avail. Many of which turn towards #forum-help and it’s subcategories to ask why they can’t post there, usually posting in #forum-help:forum-questions; as such, I feel this serves a better placement for the “Can’t post a bug report or feature request?” topic.

If you feel said topic should be moved into #bug-reports and/or #feature-requests, I’d suggest creating a new topic to submit your request.

If you wish to file a bug report as a forum user ranked “Member”, you should submit all relevant information found in How to post a Bug Report to @Bug-Support.

The posts of you cannot post a specific message for a category is totally right to be in right to be in #forum-help:forum-questions being commonly around. Not only that, but as well as having the templates established and pinned at their category. It would sound silly and ironic to have tons for each category + subcategory saying “Why I cannot post” while during the beginning process of a forum, it explains about ranks.

Knowing if your Trust Level “Member” is another thing that players can discover while learning furthermore about the forum and how to use it. It is not difficult, even with the help of @discobot.

They totally care, but as there are other users that files as well to the team, it comes to a point that they need to calmly solve one by one. If you say: “Oh, they forgot to review mine. They don’t care and totally forgot… Embarrassing.”, quite sounds like a spoiled person wanting right in time.

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