CODA | Experienced GFX Designer [Medieval/Fantasy/Sci-Fi] | OPEN


Hey! I’m Coda, a digital artist creating fantasy/horror-themed pieces of art working out of Vancouver. I have two years of experience in the field I’m offering my specialty to work alongside other developers who share similar interests as I do. I have a specific preference for fantasy/medieval/horror themes, therefore; I only take on requests related to my work preference.

Restricted, join discord to find out what I can or can’t do.

You can view my full past work discography here:
Alternatively, I put my examples below.


Unaffiliated work


Subdivision Logos
Roman Theme

Star Wars Theme

Medieval/Fantasy Theme

These are my current prices, price is non-negotiable. Prices for icons and logos vary on scene complexity and user specified details. I only accept commission requests for thumbnails and icons.

By commissioning my work, you knowingly agree to all of these conditions:

I. Proof of payment must be verified prior to me starting on your commission.
II. Prices may increase due to the complexity of user-specified details and scene(s).
III. If a client seems suspicious, I reserve the right to require payment before working.
IV. The minimum age to commission my work is 13.
V. If there are exceeding issues with the client(s) or the order, I reserve the right to cancel the commission.
VI. Requests of excessive gore, content displaying or suggesting content sexual in nature, etc. are prohibited.
VII. Due to personal preference, I reserve the right to deny requests unrelated to my specified thematic interests.
VIII. Consistently asking when I will finish your work is prohibited.
IX. There are no refunds or redo’s to any of the work that I create except for minor changes.
X. All orders must be submitted through the ticket system within the CODA server.
XI. I can accept payment both before and after a commission, but provide a heavily watermarked version if the client chooses afterward until they pay.
XII. I do not accept ROBLOX limiteds, Venmo, or similar alternatives to payment. PayPal or ROBUX through group funds is the only two methods available for payment.
XIII. Renegotiating prices or attempting to is prohibited, all prices are final.

For any inquiries, you can contact me on Developer Forum or via my discord: morkovka#4591. Do not add or dm me with unsolicited requests or offers.

All commissions must be submitted through the discord server. All customers are simultaneously updated on commission status, delays, etc. within the server.
Here’s the server invite link: Discord

Thanks for your interest.


How much would a set of 10 logos be around?

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that’d be like 15k robux lmao


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Depends on what it’d be for, but no more than 5k! :slight_smile:


Prices are out of date at the moment. They will be updated in a few days. If you have questions about them, send me a message on discord.

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I have updated my portfolio again, including terms and conditions, different options on orders, and updated the specifics on my commissions.

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Coda is a highly talented, professional, and efficient GFX artist who made me some great portfolio art. I would strongly recommend hiring him for any job you are considering!

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Updated the portfolio with new artwork.

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I have reviewed and decided to add additional conditions as well as changed the layout of my commission sheets.

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Good lord, these are spectacular. Amazing work. May hire you if needed.


Added a few new pieces of work, removed a few old ones.

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It has been two weeks since I have updated my portfolio, therefore I have added new artwork and updated my ToC.

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I have added eight new logos and updated the categories to get rid of unnecessary overlap.

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Is this decided before or after the commission? Something like this could lead to cancellations after you’ve done the work.

Before. I know my limits and have a rough estimate of the amount of work I need to put in per order from past experience. Therefore, if a situation were to arise where either I mistook my personal judgement or the commission exceeds anything that I’ve done before, myself and the client can agree to a new mutually beneficial agreement. I am personally fine with working overtime to meet the expectations of either my or the client’s standards, but not any more than that.

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I have added the horror theme to my thumbnail section and listed two new thumbnails under it.

Updated for 2021, added new genres, a lot of new work, etc.

Added a new work of mine commissioned by Vikinglaw’s Holy Roman Empire.

Added two new SCP themed commissions, a thumbnail and a logo.

Added brand new Star Wars themed logos and thumbnails plus an ancient Roman themed logo.