Developer Awards! Phase 3: Tilt Trophies

Hi developers,

Building has always been a huge component to the uniqueness of Roblox. This iteration of the Developer Awards is no exception - the awesomeness of your accomplishments build on themselves with this final piece of our Developer Awards program!

The tilt trophy represents milestones of Lifetime Play Hours in your experiences.

Details on the other awards in this program - Phase 1: Swag Bags / Phase 2: Virtual Items

You start with a trophy base and, for the first milestone you hit, a gold tilt. Each subsequent milestone reached will add a new material slab onto your trophy, resulting in a colorful display that celebrates your growth on the platform!

Check out the following progression chart:

Material Milestone
Gold 10M+ Hours
Bombastic 20M+ Hours
Adurite 50M+ Hours
Sparkletime 100M+ Hours
Black Iron 250M+ Hours
Wanwood 1B+ Hours
Bluesteel 5B+ Hours
Illumina 10B+ Hours

We’ll be looking at play hours per experience starting in 2018. When an experience hits a milestone, the owners of it will receive a survey via email! The first wave of emails will be sent later this month.

And with this, you’ve reached the finale of the Developer Awards program. We hope these awards help memorialize all of the exciting, meritorious milestones you have along your journey as a developer. Thank you and good luck, we believe in you!


How will Roblox choose which games get the items?
  • If you meet the criteria, the owner of the game will receive an email to fill out the survey. Only the owner of the game will receive the trophy.

Where do I go if I have questions about the Developer Awards?

How do I know which level I qualify for?
  • In your analytics report, you should be able to add up the stats in your game. Please note that this stat only goes back to 2018.

Where will the survey be sent?
  • The survey will be sent via email to the owner of the game to fill out. If you don’t have an email linked (we recommend you do) and believe you qualify, please contact

I’m the owner of the game and I tried to fill out the survey from my cell phone/tablet and got an error message?
  • The survey can only be completed via desktop or web browser. The survey cannot be done on mobile or tablet apps.

I achieved a certain milestone and have yet to receive my tilt trophy
  • This is a quarterly program, if your game hits a new milestone, another tilt trophy will be sent in the next quarter.

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How Exciting, now we really are the Youtube of video games. :sunglasses:


Will co-creators also get the rewards?


Quick question: Why are all the Dev Rewards still using the old Studio logo?


This is great! But the trophy uses the old studio logo. :anger:

Anyway, its still nice that you are giving away these awards to appreciate developers. :slightly_smiling_face:



Quick question though - how is the “owner” of a game determined, if the game is made by a group? Is it whoever owns the group? Are all major contributors also eligible in that case (or a limited number, like the developer swords?)


What materials are the Tiles and Stand made out of? I’m hoping for some kind of quality metal since 10M playhours is A LOT just at the base level :eyes::eyes:


What stat do you look at in analytics report to see how many hours you have?


haha my prediction was wrong image image

Curious, what material is it made of?


For the lifetime statistic you’ll have to multiply your Average Playtime by your Calculated Visits for every period to get an accurate representation of your overall Lifetime Experienced Hours.

You can find these stats for each period by following what was stated in the post:


If you meet the criteria, the owner of the game will receive an email to fill out the survey. Only the owner of the game will receive the trophy.

This is sad, so is there no way for other team members to receive the trophies? We are a pretty big team & it’d be a shame if only the owner receives it. :confused:


Really like the new change. Sort of like Youtube with the trophy stuff and different materials for each milestone.

  1. these look like sticky notes color coordinated.
  2. these are coasters.

Does anyone know how to find out a month’s played hours? I can’t seem to find the row/column in the Monthly Game Stats Data


It is a shame that over the past few years, I have played on multiple accounts because I forgot the password to my old accounts since 2018. With all the play time I have across through the accounts, I would have at least gotten to Bombastic, or mabey even Adurite.


I am wondering about this one too, I went through all my game data and I am not able to find it.


I think that is just an example, and not made out of the real materials.

I hope so, because this looks like cardboard to me, or at least the stand does.


These trophies are great because it allows most developers to get rewards no matter how popular your games are. :+1:


Does anyone know how to see total gameplay time for a game?