Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

This implementation is definitely a problem for smaller developers who don’t rake in as much profit as front page games do. I just hope Roblox clears up the minor details that we need to know because depending on this implementation it will serious ruin relations with small developers outright.


Maybe you guys can add like an account age thing where if you have your account over a year old you get the funds faster or add verified developer accounts to get funds faster?


There are better solutions to this but increasing the waiting time for people to gain access to their earned Robux is not the solution. As for fraud that happens, if Roblox can’t catch it in a three day period how can we be confident that extending the time will result in individuals who participate in fraudulent/abusive transactions will be caught? Individuals on this platform actively use other ways to bypass the current waiting period by purchasing lower limited items for absurd amounts to transfer Robux and this change will not fix it at all. As for groups that participate in activities that go against the TOS, the community is the best way to notify staff at Roblox of them. I’ve used the Report Abuse system on these groups countless times but due to how inconsistent the Report Abuse feature is most of the time they’re able to get away with what they’re doing. Roblox should focus more on making it easier for people to report Groups/Individuals who are participating in these activities or at the very least improve the current methods rather than making it harder on smaller developers on the platform.


Well this will simply make the password guessing of older accounts and stealing of accounts with age more common around the community. Wouldn’t like to see that.

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3 Days period has already been a pain, no developers would like the payments to come after a week or sum, instead why not remove the “pending” feature, and make it so the funds load in directly after payment? :man_shrugging:


I came into this thread thinking Roblox would have shortened the wait time but got a bit disappointed. Rather than giving themselves more time and penalizing developers, they need to look into more sensible ways of achieving better security. For example, Roblox could begin requiring Account PIN to complete trades and other transactions, or hire more people who verify the transactions.

The waiting time from when you receive your Robux to when you get it transferred into your bank (DevEx) is already too long. Please consider giving trusted members of the community more trust, as they have more to lose (less likely to commit fraud) and many rely on Robux income for a living.

This thread has already received a lot of negative feedback and I hope Roblox realizes how much their developers are against this and how much we need a better system in place.


I really thought this thread was going to talk about shortening the time for pending sales. Three days was already long enough, especially for the people who rely on DevEx as their primary source of income. Seven days is pushing it, in my opinion.


Not only that but DevEx also takes a loooooong time as well, plus we get even less from that.

Please reconsider this decision


Community: Complains about 3 days already being a long period of time and how it negatively effects smaller developers

Roblox: We’re extending it to up to a week.
I know you guys mean well but there has got to be a better option than this surely… surely


Do you anticipate expanding this to cover the sale of limited collectible items and robux sent through trades in the future?

I don’t really understand what does it have to do with security…?
I mean like if somebody gonna “abuse” buying my gamepasses etc. I mean… it won’t harm my account like… i dont understand… doesnt make sense at all.

If this is to ensure the platform better deals with fraud and abuse consider showing gamepass ratings on purchase prompt.

Gamepass ratings are important.

All developers who have any sense of player satisfaction know this. This would only help good developers, while encouraging developers of other not so well rated gamepasses to better communicate with their player the purpose of the gamepass. Win win.

As for extending the waiting period, all that does is convolute an already complicated and not fully understood system. Consider an absolute reversal.


Me reads the revamped sponsors, says ‘Thx Roblox’ and then sees this…

Ngl, as a small dev, this means we receive our robux from commissions way later than normal. This is affecting the millions of innocent and good-intentioned people just to catch the few who actually will “abuse the gamepasses”.


A 7day wait period for Pending Sales is crazy! How are you guys gonna expect us to receive our payments yet alone Developer Exanage already takes 2-4 weeks which not only that we only have a limited amount to Developer Exanage time which is once per month? How are we going to pay our bills, rent, and other payments that are due by the end of the month? The Roblox platform already takes 30% from our revenue yet alone Developer Exanage is taxed out with our banks and other payment platforms such as PayPal which we end up not getting our full payment. 7 days is way too outrageous. This should have been announced or discussed during RDC about this upcoming feature. :-1:


I’m honestly upset with this change, as I do 3D Modeling for people, I rely on those pay-outs to get my funds. Trying to do modeling as a living was a challenge already, as waiting 3 days was long if they didn’t have anything in the group funds already and just decided to buy a t-shirt was hard enough. Waiting a week now just makes it 10x harder to do commissions for a living or even part-time on Roblox now.


I don’t really see an issue with this since once you have a game running for over a month you will cease to notice this unless you’re a smaller game and you rely on ads.


Well if you spend all your funds on advertisements rather dev-ex/saving up that’s your mistake. Not ROBLOXs. If you’re running a legit game is solid income you shouldn’t really notice this change after a couple weeks.


It would be nice if they present us what the risk or fraud or abuse is presented,
it is hard to have people follow your message if there wasn’t proper explanation
knowing this will cause more suffering to us. Please take this a consideration, 30%
and 3days is already a pain.


That’s the point the system is out balanced, some games only depend on paid game access like Rogue Lineage and some fully abide from Premium Payouts like Group Recruiting Plaza, causing the system to be mismatched.


As the owner of a group that uses a custom accounting payout system, which I have made my methods public for any to use

I am appalled by the lack of concrete book keeping this implies due to the range factor.

I copy and paste the monthly dev stats Visits and Earnings and paste it into my spreadsheet.
Therefore, each month, I pay my developers and myself the earnings of the previous month.


Currently, this is a set in stone 3 days, so I am able to confidently alleviate any concerns on when my developers will get paid.

A range of when payouts are happening is flat out unacceptable to large scale operations on Roblox. The problem being the uncertainty of the range. Not only because of the potential for rampant corruption with certain developers or groups getting fast tracked, but for simple accounting techniques.

We all get that after the first week, we won’t notice this, only we will have become perpetually up to 4 days (7- the current 3 days pending sales takes) poorer to what is potentially our own Robux.

But again, the range is the most unacceptable part. Uncertainty, and different classes of developers getting their Robux quicker or slower does not create happy and productive developers on Roblox.