Khanom | Main Handbook

Khanom is an in development cafe that wants to ensure all customers and staff members are feeling welcomed, here at Khanom. Once our cafe is released to the general public, you may work here as a Barista, make new friends, order and more!

Important Documents

The documents that are listed below were all created by the Leadership team. We do recommend that you read them for information on our group and our rules, which should be followed at all times.

Code of Conduct: Khanom | Code of Conduct

Disruptive Customer Guide: Khanom | Disruptive Customer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions: Khanom | FAQ

Rank Information: Khanom | Rank Information

Partnership Information: Khanom | Partnership Information

Partnership Application: Khanom | Partnership Application

Department Information: Khanom | Department Information

Ban Appeal: Khanom | Ban Appeal

Recipe Guide: Khanom | Recipe Guide

I hope that you all understand how Khanom is operated and information regarding our systems and rank. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members!

Leadership Team