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Mesh Editor

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Mesh editor is a plugin that easily allows you to create and edit meshes inside of studio
Can be used to create anything you can dream including terrain, objects, ETC

How to use it

Please follow this Video Tutorial 1 on how to use mesh editor
Please follow this Video Tutorial 2 on how to import and export OBJ files

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You can get the sourcecode to this plugin by editing this Place

Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.

Mesh Editor Meshes VS Real Meshes

Mesh editor uses multiple wedge parts in order to create the mesh where real meshes are a single object with vertex data

there are upsides and down sides to each type of mesh

The benefits to mesh editor meshes (native wedge parts) is:
• Its easier to calculate collisions and shadows
• Only wedges that are currently in view are drawn
• StreamingEnabled only sends wedges that are in range
• Each wedge can have a different appearance
• All parts can be drawn in a single draw call
Read more here
The benefits to real meshes:
• Lower memory usage
• Less triangles
• Less parts

My recommendation is for large meshes like terrain use the mesh editor meshes for small meshes like hats use real meshes

mesh editor.PNG
In this image we can see the benefits of shadows of WedgeParts vs Meshes

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I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:


This Mesh Editor is simply amazing. The Beta version was great and I’m stunned at how many features this update has added and improved upon.


I think that this plugin awesome!


can you make unions into meshes with the plugin?


Are the wedges one-side?


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No you cant turn unions into meshes :frowning:

EDIT: if you export the union as a obj then import it into the mesh editor but it will be ugly

The wedges are the standard WedgePart that you can create in studio
if you set the mesh thickness to 0 then there is also a SpecialMesh inside the WedgePart with the scale set to 0,1,1 in order to make the wedge have no thickness to it

robloxes WedgePart do not have the ability to be one-sided so you can see the wedge from both sides

Couldn’t you, instead of using wedges, use a MeshPart that’s a Wedge but 1-sided? Would be better in terms of optimization, and more like an actual mesh.

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Yes and no it would be better optimized in the amount of faces it needs to draw but it would not be as optimized for collisions and shadows

I did test with MeshParts but the shadows looks so bad i abandoned that idea


holy crap. i’ve needed something like this. I often edit meshes a million times, and end up with like fifty exports of the same thing. This will be one of my new favorite plugins.


You can turn unions into meshes by right clicking on it and click “Export Selection”. Then it will save as an .obj file that you can import again as a mesh or a mesh part.

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You should add a feature so when your finished making a mesh, it unions the wedges together so it is only one part.


a way to do this manually is right click the model and press select children then right click a triangle folder and press select children again now you can union the parts

but once a model has been unioned the editor will not know what unions are a mesh and what union are just normal unions also there are benefits to not unioning the mesh

but maybe in the future i can add a button that does this for you

This is amazing and it will help a lot!

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If you union the parts, then export it as a file and then import it as a real mesh, it wont be as glitchy because it won’t be loading all the parts.


when you convert the parts to a union there are some downside

  1. the wedges will no longer have a thickness of 0 but a thickness of 0.05
  2. the amount of faces will increase drastically 4 wedges = 32 faces but after unioning them the faces increase to 94 faces
  3. collisions and shadows are not as good as parts

if you want to use meshes you would be better of using blender as you have more control of the amount of faces

but if you want the benefit of better shadows and collisions then just keep the parts

on my 10 year old PC with 593754 wedge parts

on my 10 year old PC with 593754 wedge parts but the camera looking the other way

the biggest problem is memory usage

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You sir are amazing. Thank you for this.


Wow, how this works? Does this works with Bones?

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Great job @5uphi!