Miner's Haven open-sourced: everything you need to make your own factory game

Hello developers!

Today I open-sourced the factory-building game Miner’s Haven by uploading all of the scripts and the minershaven.rbxl place file to a GitHub repo. It is made available for public use under the Apache 2 license.

My second game on Roblox (before Miner’s Haven) was a mod I made of @BrokenBone’s game The Conquerors. I learned so much of what I know today by working on that game, so I wanted to pay it forward by releasing my own game for people to learn from and make their own creations come to life in.

Head on over to the GitHub repo and take this game for a spin in Roblox Studio:

Useful Modules

MoneyLib: the module I wrote to harness crazy large numbers into a readable format such as $10DD (10 duodecillion)

PlacementModule (written by @Locard), this is the code that controls the item placing preview with its cool bounciness and what not:

You can read some of my thoughts about making such a big game open-sourced on my medium article:

License Info

:white_check_mark: You may use materials from the source file, including source code, to create commercial projects with original intellectual property.

:white_check_mark: You may create and upload mods and edits of Miner’s Haven if the brand property is not used commmercially.

:x: You are prohibited from using the “Miner’s Haven” name and other brand property commercially without explicit written permission.


[New - 4/19/2020] Azure Mines has been released as a free model game kit. No scripting knowledge required to add custom ore, custom bases, etc. No license either, go wild and do whatever you want: Infinite Mining Game Kit v4 by berezaa - Roblox

You can find my work available at https://ber.gg


I remember my sibling playing Miner’s Haven for hours on end. It’ll be interesting to see how this legendary game was constructed.


Wow, just wow, this is going to be an amazing resource to learn from and look at assets. thank you so much for this contribution!


Bruh that game is the worst thing I’ve ever scripted. But I’m happy it helped launched your most successful game(until Vesteria takes that title).


Wow… After months of developing my own Sandbox tycoon with a friend of mine, this becomes open sourced. Welp, looks like we’re going to have lots of competition now :frowning:


Cool, thanks this might give me a idea how to set up games etc… I’m a noob when it comes to scripting and functions etc I’m mainly just a builder, with a little knowledge in very basic property changing scripting, to me the “new way of doing things” with remote functions and and all that is a bit confusing to learn Lua for the first time. I need to get more into scripting.

This will hopefully help me out some :+1:

I feel more Developers should make open source templates or starter games for various types of games, it might help people get started with learning how different games work etc.


Thank you so much! This will definitely help many new developers!


This will be a perfect example of a professionally developed, complex project on this platform. Thank you for making this public and hopefully others consider doing this as well :partying_face:


Thanks for this, Creating a tycoon and this may come in handy!


I was thinking the same thing. Last night I wrote a block generation script and was prepared to start developing a mining game, and then I see this. Now I’m just sitting here like rip.

Edit: However, I do really appreciate making such a professional game open source. So many things to learn from this.


Thank you so much Andrew. Your work and games are truly inspiration. Your creativity and generosity are remarkable. I hope to pay it forward someday as you have today.


i cri everytim
Anyway, thanks for making this open-sourced. It’s cool to see how this game works.


Nice release now I can see what makes the game tick. :smiley:
Also, I know this reply is very very late.


Yeah, it’s nice to see how one of the bests makes games!


Some games are using the same name and creating mods of the game. As far as I can tell these are NOT allowed without permission, correct? Are they at risk of a potential shutdown/DMCA? I would like to send them a screenshot of your answer so they will change the names if needed.


It says in the original thread that mods are allowed to be made as long as it’s not used commercially

I’ll explain my question better.

What counts as Brand Property?

If brand property includes scripts and/or models from the game, what is included for use commercially in projects?

Foxy is sending very mixed messages about the games currently, best I can tell from him is that all scripts, models, map, and names are property of them and cannot be used in anything commercial. This is the whole game as far as I can tell, is it not?

Normally that means: game title, game icon, game logo, game thumbnails, and probably also badge and game pass images. Anything related to branding, not content.

I recommend taking the conversation about what games are using which content inappropriately to DMs with relevant parties. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey berezaa (or any other member that can help) I remember in the game there was a a feature that allowed players to join the Berezaa games discord server for in game rewards. I would like to include that feature in one of my future games and while looking through the scripts for Miners Haven I couldn’t find anything. If anyone could help point me in the right direction atleast this would be much appreciated. Thanks.


It was deleted from the files. In order to do this you would generate a unique code and use a discord bot/webhook to send it.