[OUTDATED] Update on Game Passes

Please check out the following announcement with the most up to date information about the upcoming change.


Just changed the IDs to the new gamepass ones…
Got this…


Interesting update. After a couple of code migrations and getting used to the new form of game passes, this should be gold. It doesn’t affect me too much except for aesthetic purposes and having to change code (not much anyway). Cheers.

Can you post the methods you are using? GetProductInfo? PlayerHasPass?

game:GetService("GamePassService"):PlayerHasPass(player, 2855)

The Gamepass


Does :PlayerHavePass cache? I recall there was a big movement where people were using MarketplaceService to get gamepass ownership for reasons related to caching.


They said they were gonna look into that, quite a while ago when the caching bug was reported. I assume it doesn’t anymore.

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Looking into this. Thanks for the report.


What’s the rationale behind game-pass as opposed to gamepass? Why isn’t this dash or seperation present anywhere else? Can’t it just be gamepass everybody calls them gamepasses you’re calling them gamepasses

I mean I’m sorry but to me this doesn’t look cleanly structured, please do explain~


To clarify, we are making it so that Game Passes are no longer stored as assets. Historically, Game Passes were stored alongside assets, such as images and sounds. Game Passes aren’t really assets, so it makes more sense to store and index them separately. This gives us better structure (so things are stored with like things), and lets us scale all of our systems better.

Sorry, misunderstood your comment. As far as I understand we have landed on the official name of this feature being “Game Pass” (two words). I’m not sure the exact conventions we use for urls when it comes to multiple words. It may be the case that there is not much precedent here as the two other systems (assets and badges) all just have one word names, and we decided that a dash would serve for the space.

I apologize if I was confusing earlier using both Game Pass and gamepassid. It should be Game Pass and Game Pass Id (or I suppose gamePassId if it needs to be without spaces).


Similar to how Badges got separated?

It broke mine, woke up early by chance and had to spend a few hours tweaking stuff until it worked. The scary part is I dont understand why or what I did. It’s just fixed. I used GetProductInfo on some gamepasses and it returned nil when before it worked fine.

edit: Apparently it was an issue at the time that was patched later by roblox.

My gamepasses are being displayed as Products, and I can click Buy Now multiple times (but the sale doesn’t actually go through)

This is the gamepass

and this is the line of code I’m using (with the new gamepass id)
MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(player, 2786938)

Can you post the IDs you are passing in? These are the old game pass IDs right, you haven’t changed anything about your game passes recently?

local getGamepassesInfo = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(935075829, Enum.InfoType.Asset)
warn("getGamepassesInfo", getGamepassesInfo)

I changed nothing, the game just broke overnight. That ID is to an existing gamepass

edit: I changed the preformatted text ID

For now, change back to using asset ID 911390637.

Due to some issues with the Lua APIs, the Game Pass change has been temporarily rolled back. This means that until we can fix the Lua APIs and re-enable the change to Game Passes, you should continue using Asset IDs for Game Passes as you’ve been doing for years. We will keep you updated about when we will be re-enabling the Game Pass change.

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I got this api working in game, it just didn’t work in studio.

Also, I set up my gamepasses last night before the update was reverted so it’s just a bit tedious to go back and edit the script once again.

does this update affect group games in the terms of where the robux goes?

because I have a game published under a group, and several gamepasses have sold since this update, and they appear under my account’s sales and pending sales?

edit: might be fixed, the gamepass shows sales (from different users) both dated today in my sales, and under the group’s line summary and clicking the hyperlink of the name in my sales brings me to the game, where the hyperlink in the group’s line summary brings me tot he actual product

Havent done game-passes for my game yet, good to know this before i started.