Pathfinding Algorithm Simulation

Hi Developers,

Recently I have been exploring Artificial Intelligence and came across pathfinding algorithms. I decided to take this deeper and implement them inside of Roblox. It was a lot of fun to work with all these algorithms and see how they differed from each other. After implementing some algorithms, I turned it into a cool little game where you can visualize them and decided to open source it. I hope you can learn from it and even have a little fun with it too!

Implemented Algorithms:

  • Depth-first Search
  • Breadth-first Search
  • Greedy Best-first Search
  • Dijkstra’s
  • A*

Since the graph in the game is unweighted, some algorithms may look very similar to each other. You can find all the code for the algorithms in the “Algorithms” module located in StarterPlayerScript–>Client–>Modules.

Bonus: I also made modules for different data structures(queues, stacks) which can be found in ReplicatedStorage–>Modules–>DataStructures

Open Sourced Game:



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How would someone go about putting this into 3D?