Permanent Shift Lock in Studio

Reproduction Steps

Enter playtest mode, enable and enter shift / mouse lock using a shift key, and then close test mode with it still enabled. Now, any future tests in playtest mode will be stuck in shift / mouse lock mode. I use Shift + F5 to exit test mode, but I’m not sure if this causing the problem.

Expected Behavior

Ideally, shift lock would not persist across testing sessions. Shift lock should reset upon stopping the playtest and should not be stuck during playtests.

Actual Behavior

Once you are stuck, your mouse may be stuck in the middle of the screen, and your character will always be facing forward. This is inconvenient for when I need to see the front side of my character.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-05-12 00:05:00 (-05:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-05-19 00:05:00 (-05:00)


This also tends to happen in-game too, would be awesome to get this fixed.


Occurs to my game aswell, I entered a game for a sec then it locked me until i Exit the studio. also cursor seems to lock in middle if you’re stuck in First person and teleported to another game.


This happened to me in - game a few days ago. Where i was laggy and my character loaded before the map did on my end, causing me to get stuck and forced to reset, but i had shift lock on while resetting and i was stuck on it until i left the game. But while the bug was active and i went first person my cursor was able to move freely on the screen


Can confirm this as well. This prevents me from testing out shift-lock dependent features and forces me to restart studio entirely to revert back to normal behavior.

Also quite annoying since [Shift(enables shift lock) + f5](closes studio) now slows down workflow.


Thank you for the report. We are looking into this.


I hope this gets fixed soon as it’s affecting one of my games that requires Shiftlock to be disabled.
Here’s a way I was able to reproduce the bug in a random roblox game :

  1. Join any game
  2. Go into First Person
  3. Leave while still in first person
  4. Join any game again and your stuck in Shiftlock

Video example


was also able to reproduce this exact thing on my iPad and computer, strange stuff


Yes, If you go in game and don’t disable the lock pressing shift and go to the settings and disable it that is where the shift lock is bugged.

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I also had the same problem when testing features on my game. I checked all the modules and script and nothing seems the work. So i guess it roblox side and not mine.


I am making a cutscene and it will not work correctly until this bug is fixed. :weary:


This has happend to me SO MANY times, it is honestly so annoying. I never even keep shiftlock on and it still happends to me and the only way to fix it is to retstart studio

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Is this almost fixed? Is it in progress?

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Currently happening to me right now. I’m sure its not a script because I checked everything. Not one related to shift lock or camera, so the bug may still be around.


This bug is very easy to (accidentally) reproduce in-game by teleporting while shiftlock is toggled on.
When I say “teleport”, I am talking not just about TeleportService methods, but also the “Reconnect” button on the disconnection prompt. You can’t press shift or go into settings to toggle it before pressing “Reconnect” since it doesn’t seem to help any of the times I have tried it, safe to say you literally have to exit the app just to play normally.

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Unfortunately I am experiencing this issue on Mobile, Xbox, as well as PC for my game. It’s frustrating as a lot of my game relies on the player facing in certain directions.


Yeah I remember that it was weird it was like it was Shift Locked but not Shift Locked at the exact same time. I just disabled shift lock because it was very annoying and obnoxious.

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As matter of fact, yes this bug was also occuring on real game server. I’ve tested on popular games on roblox Microsoft with turning on the shift lock while leaving the game. the bug also appeared on real server game and studio too.

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Roblox setting in studio not working?

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I’m having this issue aswell, I asked one of my friends (Cam Atron) if he also has this issue, and he said yes. He said that he managed to find a way to fix this, by going into one of his old projects and bringing the PlayerModule from the old game to his new projects, which fixed the issue. I really think thats the only way of fixing it for now although. Overall, its a VERY annoying issue since it breaks some stuff on my game, including wall climbing since no matter what i do, it will always cframe the character like if it was in shift lock mode, even if i turn off AutoRotate on the player humanoid.

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