Puggerly 2D and UI art


about me
Hello! I’m Puggerly.


Here is some of my work

zoo story
Note: If you would like to see some more of my work, please contact me on my email

Monday-Friday: 4-7 Hours a day
Saturday: Pretty much all day
Sunday: Not willing to work on Sunday
Prices are negotiable, I will accept Robux through group payouts or USD. USD will be significantly less than R$.
Profile pictures: :robux: 80
Advertisements: :robux:100
Game icon: :robux:70-150 depending on difficulty
Thumbnails :robux:100-300 depending on difficulty
On the DevForum (preferred)
Gmail: puggerlygfx@gmail(dot)com (preferred)

I can deny you service
I can use the GFX and any derivative works based on it as apart of my portfolio
I take some days off, namely every Sunday and some other days too
Payment is negotiable and I will be lenient on when you pay

Leave a reply or contact me if you are interested!


I added some more work to my showcase. (Please delete this comment if it’s not allowed.)

Changed most of the work in my portfolio, also free 2d art!

i added u on discord im interested

I added you on Discord, x_Jonyyny#0001.

More art added to the portfolio!

I’m interested. I have sent you a message.

Please reply to my message. 30chars

Wonderful work!
Did you say it’s free 2D art?

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Yes, he did. To answer your question

I would highly recommend @puggerly. He’s the Thumbnail Designer for my game. I asked him to make a logo, and he made one of the best logos I’ve ever seen in just over an hour. Amazing work @puggerly!

Omg this is what I been looking for I dm you

You said that the 2D art was free but you have prices listed. If you actually are free I would love to contact you for making some art for me.

BTW:My main account is DareDaniel0


If the art is free could you make me a sprint game pass Icon.
I will be sure to recommend you.
Contact me through dev forum or discord.
My discord is DareDaniel0#7616


Purgerly is for free and pretty advanced! I reccomend him if you’re looking for 2D Art, good luck dude! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hey, I Message you I still waiting!

Added you on Discord, Johnn#1010.