Souls-like RPG in development!

Character Creators, combat systems and inventories!

Inspired by @iceking_gfx 's FPS DevLog. Great idea man! His Devlogs

Hello guys, I am XYXTENTAC1ON and I am here to show you the game that I’ve been working on for the past year now!

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo


This is an RPG inspired by the great series "Dark Souls’ made by Hidetaka Miyazaki. I am going for a dark fantasy style RPG, with classes, bosses and deep lore! I’ve been working on this project for almost a year now and I’ve gotten quite far.

I do everything myself; from modelling, scripting, writing lore, animations, UI and everything else. While this is definitely going to take longer, I feel like the game will stay true to my original vision if I solo dev most of it first. I have already planned a trilogy and will be working with others on those games!

What have I done? How far am I?

I’ll do the most interesting first!

Character Creator:

A fully fledged Character with many choices and combinations to make with options like:

Gender (Torso), Scars, Hair, Mouth, Eyes, Facepaint, Accessories and base clothing (will eventually be changed to armor)

What I started with:

Image from Gyazo

What I created:

Image from Gyazo

In game:

Be prepared to make awesome and unique characters!


  • Rolling: the soul of souls games
  • Melee Attacks
  • Ranged

As you can see, there is also a stamina system and all combat moves will take some stamina!
There is also blocking, but i am unhappy with the current state of it. It will be updated later.

You also have the ability to change stances! There will be 3 stances for each weapon type (and special stances for special weapons!). The stances are: Light, Heavy and Special. This will add lots of variation to the combat and PVP.

Spells are also coming, but I haven’t updated the code to my latest iteration of my combat script.
You have 3 weapon slots and 1 healing slots. The stances will replace One and Two handed combat from the souls series.

I also have:

  • Completely working Inventory system
  • Beginning part of the game is complete
  • Modular systems to add more weapons/clothes easily
  • AI enemies (needs some refinement but it works)
  • Boss AI, (the first boss must stay a secret but its finished)
  • Bonfire system (enemies reset when you
  • heal at an Altar (as its called in my game))

My inventory system in its current state (quests tab will be removed) :

The Skeleton Greatsword in its heavy stance :

What I need to get done:

  • Adding stats, classes, levels and XP
  • Adding a multiplayer function (up to four players or 10 for PVP)
  • Fix the lock on system
  • Adding and curating music
  • 3D Armor, more weapons and spells
  • Dialogue needs to be written
  • Combat needs to be less janky
  • Finish building the world

I think this will take me two or three more years to finish. I hope to actually get most of it done by next year and then start my marketing by then.

So that looks cool! What’s next?

  • I am going to try and code spells right now. I want a multitude of different types!
  • After that I will try to put all my Character creator models and inventory images into viewports. Which would be more modular and easier because I don’t need to use photoshop.
  • Then I’ll add my first NPC and do the dialog.
  • After I’ll continue worldbuilding. I already have a couple of sketches and ideas for the next area!


Well that’s all I have to show for this devlog. I’ll try to do this once a week or every two weeks, depending on if my updates were interesting or not. Let me know how you feel down below, or if you’d like me to add anything! Thank you for reading!

All screenshots are from the first area of the game. These places may be unfinished.


Everything looks fantastic but this landscape is very hard to take in. What I mean by that is it is very hard to make out every little detail and it’s confusing, instead of my eyes being drawn to the statue it is drawn to the grass and the unimportant things. I suggest you remove some of the foliage or make the grass shorter so that it isn’t taking my attention away from the statue to other areas. If you don’t want to remove the grass you could add some light rays to draw peoples’ attention to the subject.
overall 9/10


Thank you!
I’ve looked into what you said and i dont think i can make the plugin work the way i want it to. Roblox needs to add some volumetric lighting stuff really soon. The angle is pretty low, this is what it looks like normally:

Image from Gyazo


Wow, this is amazing - I only just raised that you were talking about Dark Souls I love that game! This looks like it’s going to be a good remake.
Now all we need is that complex combat system XD
Definitely going to play this alot when it comes out.

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It won’t exactly be a “remake” so to speak, but there are many overlapping themes! Thank you for your compliments!

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Wow, very nice. You just reminded me that my dream game would probably have a close theme to Dark Souls. What are you thinking of calling this game?

Its going to be a three part game hopefully! I have no idea but its going to be called main title here : The Angel Divide