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Introducing the Status+ Suite of Tools!

These days, it’s common to see issues with the Roblox site, whether it be the avatar editor or the developer hub, it’s often hard to know if your to only one with this issue, and with Roblox’s own status site being manual/semi-manual, it’s not easy to know if an issue actually exists until it’s too late. Until now!

Status+ is an automated alternative to Roblox’s own status site with many perks. We are powered by upptime, which is a great system! This site automatically checks all endpoints for uptime and for their response time every ~5 minutes, and logs them onto the site. If an endpoint has a response time great that 1000ms, a GitHub issue is automatically created, and the site tells you that there is degraded performance. If an endpoint returns an error message, such as 500, 503, 404, etc., then the endpoint is marked as down and a new issue is opened. You can also see the history under the GitHub repository.

There’s more to Status+ than just the site. We also have a discord server, which has no chatting in it, just notifications from the bot whenever there is an issue. (We do this so we do not have to moderate, and also so users can set server notifications to all messages, as only the bot will be able to send messages.) On top of all of this, we have an in-game API that is currently being worked on, called DowntimeService. Stay tuned for the release! :eyes:


You can find our website below:


I am constantly looking for more endpoints to track! If you have any ideas of useful endpoints, put them below or make a new issue on our GitHub. If there are any issues with the site that’s also the place to go. Below is our GitHub repository, if you want notifications about new issues, set it to watching and choose to get notifications over issues, especially if you prefer not to join our discord server:

There are no ads on this site, therefore I currently am not willing to invest in a domain, however this may change as time goes on.

Status+ Discord Integration

As stated previously, Status+ has a discord server, which you can view here:


There is no chatting features in this server, this is on purpose. I do not have the time to deal with any moderation nor do I see a point in doing so. Also, the point of the server is for the bot to send messages when there are issues, so this is safe to set to all notifications as the only messages will be from the bot or from me if there are any issues with the site.

What about making a discord bot?

I’ve thought of doing this, it’s not the top of my priorities right now as I’d rather work on DowntimeService, but I might end up making this so you can put it in your own server.


This is probably the coolest part of Status+, but also the hardest to explain, so bear with me! :grin:

upptime is working on adding an API for getting the current status of a site. When this comes out, so will DowntimeService! If not, I may end up having to make a YAML to Lua parser. Added!

So what will this actually do?

A lot! Utilizing HttpService, I can send GET requests to this API endpoint, therefore being able to tell if an endpoint is down. What can that do? Well, let’s go back to the Datastore incident. During this, many games had to shut down while the issue was being worked on. However, not all developers were awake at this time due to time-change. Players of those games potentially lost data. Nobody likes this! With DowntimeService, the game can check if datastores are down. If they are down, then it can kick the players, instead of having to shut the game down. This is just the start of the use cases. If datastores start to hit the degraded mark, you can then use SaveAsync (or any other method) then to make sure data is saved in case the endpoint later goes down. Most of the time endpoints go slow before they actually go down.

DowntimeService works with all the endpoints tracked, so you can check if avatar API is down before trying to get a users current avatar. You can check if the badges endpoint is down before trying to award a badge. You can disable the chat temporarily if the chat filter is currently slow.

tl;dr: it’s an in-game API for the status site.

The project can be watched here:

I’m using Rojo for this project, as I really don’t know if I’d get any good work done if I couldn’t use Git! :grin:

How do I use it?

See documentation.


Status+ Documentation | Docs


Q: How do I know this works?

A: While it’s not possible to detect every single outage, it’s actually detected some outages way before Roblox or anybody could make a report!


Here’s one example:

When avatars started loading very slow, Status+ detected the outage at 11:02 EST:

A user made a topic about it at 11:26 EST:

Avatar Service Failing

Q: Can it detect every outage?

A: No. It’s not 100% accurate AFAIK. It may detect an outage when there isn’t, or vice versa. Never solely rely on Status+. It’s meant to be a tool to assist, but I cannot promise it will always work. Use common sense.

More Information

Roblox Group

We actually have a Roblox Group, feel free to join it to support me, I currently have no games in it, but soon there will be one as an example of what DowntimeService can do:

Status + - Roblox

Usage in #platform-feedback

Feel free to use my site as a reference if you notice an issue with any service, but please do not spam it! If it’s really obvious there is an issue, or a lot of people are reporting the same thing, there is no need to use it as a reference. However, if it seems that not everyone is having an issue, go ahead and check Status+! The servers are using GitHub Cl, which are based in San Francisco. (AFIAK).

Thank you, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know! Feedback is always appreciated! :grin:


Gotta admit - very handy, def will keep an eye out for updates

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Glad you like it - do you have any suggestions? :grin:

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So far - no, seems good to me as of right now!

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I’ve always been terrified of my players losing their data or a major service going down damaging my game. Thanks to this, however, I know my games will be much more reliable (when it’s released). I do have a few questions

  • If endpoints start to slow down on a service like Datastores, will the server using SaveAsync multiple times potentially make it slower and/or crash it?

  • What do you recommend to combat faulty detections like when it detects an outage that doesn’t exist?

  • Based just on how you recommend using this, it looks like I would be making a lot of HTTP requests, would it be returning all endpoints? If not, how do I avoid this?

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It’s detecting these things outside of the game, DowntimeService was built with modularity in mind, so once you use the module to see if there are issues with whatever service you choose, what you do after this is completely up to you.

When using the module, you’d have to use common sense. Instead of doing something huge like kicking a player if it detects an issue, use this module to prevent the player from doing that. (Example: let’s say you have an avatar editor that uses Avatar API. When the click to open the editor you’d fire the function from the module, if it returns that avatar API is down, do not open the in game editor and throw a warning.)

Remember, you can chose how often you’d like to check using DowntimeService.

Everything said above is also subject to change because the API isn’t ready.

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It’s official! DowntimeService is indeed out! You can learn how it works here:

You can see the release here:

Feel free to make pull requests/open issues. I’d love to see how you end up using this system! :grin:

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions or suggestions let me know!


I found a few issues around your discord server:
The #roblox-outages server is not an announcement channel (this means messages sent to it can be copied into other servers automaticly)
Votes in #system (like the one done just now) cant be voted accurately as non staff members cannot add more reactions so if you only react with one choice, thats the only choice that can be voted.

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My bad! I am new to discord, I will be fixing this ASAP. Thanks for bringing it up, feel free to DM me if there are more concerns.

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I did try to dm you this earlier but you had your dms disabled.

Feel free to DM me on here. I should have fixed this now.

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Update – V.1.10! :tada:

View the update logs here:

Documentation has also been update to reflect these changes. You can find these 2 new endpoints being tracked on the main website as of now:

On another note, I’ve made the bot in our discord server an announcements channel, which means you can add that to your own server for live updates! This is great for the community servers of game in which players may complain of issues when the issue is actually a Roblox problem. (Thanks for your help @ReduxGB!).

If you have any questions, let me know!


Update – V.1.2.0! :tada:

View the update logs here:

Documentation has also been update to reflect these changes. This update adds a new function that will loop through all the endpoints and see if any of them are down, it’s a quicker way of checking if Roblox is down in general or not. (Thanks for the suggestion @WEcompany!)

As always, don’t forget to check us out at:

And join our discord server to be notified quicker!

This is @FxllenCode signing off from a late night! :sweat_smile:


:warning: Emergency Patch – V.1.2.1-emergency-patch. :warning:

There has been critical failures of Status+ over the last couple of days, to prevent the situation from escalating I have made the tough choice to revert all updates to v.1.0.0:

Please update your code ASAP. I have updated the module to reflect these updates.

If you need updates about this module faster than I can, please join the server. Thanks.

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Super awesome how the discord server works, so you can get notified of when roblox is down–including the devforum! Useful and definitely serves it’s purpose. :clap:

Nice Resource I will be sure to use it often

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Only just found out about this but wow, this will come in handy!
My game relies very heavily on DataStores and tends to be unplayable while the website is even just degraded. It’s nice to be able to warn people and avoid the mass dislikes from people who think the game’s broken.
Thanks for making this!


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