Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

I feel you bro. I realized there are 2 different types of widgets: (I like to call them) permanent and pinned.

The difference being the pin icon.
When I open a new script you can see it will move to output:

However, if I put output as a temporal one then the script will appear in the center:

When moving a widget you can see which ones are temporal/permanent:

Yellow: Permanent
Green: Temporal

If you don’t want the script to attach to the left then use only temporal ones!

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Is it possible to disable this beta? It is currently impossible for me to effectively work as exiting run/play mode makes a massive, unclosable grey box appear. Toggling output fixes this, but it comes back again after testing.

This is no longer a beta as shown below:

The post should’ve been updated or the quote should’ve been tagged as resolved :thinking:


Will there be an option to revert this update? It makes studio run at as low as 12 FPS making it completely unusable for me.


I don’t think any kind of update that was released to all users was any way revert able so we are kinda stuck with this update right now.

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I need full access through this enrollment, I have some access to it but only the UI changed.

I need full access to use Custom Icon Directory because I want to try the feature to use Vanilla 3.

This is no longer a beta. Every user has access to the new UI but not the icons as said above.

I see a little box on my top left screen, I cannot do anything with it
It says animation editor but I cannot like do anything with it. weirdly

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Since the rollback of the new icons, my studio is very bugged.

My layout never saves. Keeps resetting to the version on the right side of my picture. Drafts always open on the right side also. And re-ordering it per studio instance I have opened is very annoying and time-consuming, as it’s also not really working easily.

Studio version 0.546.0.5460523

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I have the exact same problem also, when I try to script it’s laggy.

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With the new studio overhaul, my studio has been way more buggy than ever

A few more things that I found

  1. I can’t open studio with a different account if I already have studio open with my main account. This is annoying and hinders my workflow.

  2. Volume changing causes unreasonable lag

  1. After being playing and stopping a good amount of times (20+) studio draggers started to lag severally making them unusable

While some things were fixed, like switching between local and server scripts. This still feels like a bug haven


Why not users in Beta Program have full access to it?

This bug has happened to me too; For me, opening a second place while one is already open in the editor does it. This wasn’t the case many updates ago.

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This reminds me: Studio send to overall have a problem with remembering user layout settings. This includes the quick access icons, which seemingly erase plugin actions after each update for me. I like to have Moon Animator’s Easy Weld and the Work light toggle in that bar so I can use them from anywhere, but it always removes them, leaving only the undo, redo, and play/stop buttons…

This has led to me just leaving the bar how it is instead of adding the actions I want to it.

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If anyone has layout issues, delete the registry key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Roblox\RobloxStudio and see if that helps. It will reset the layout data and possibly will fix that grey box that appears in the top left.

Hey there,
As cool as the update is and as cool of an idea to have this refreshed was, it comes with a lot of downsides and overall performance issues:

  1. The UI Toggle Button was removed/relocated to the View tab, i see no reason behind this. when i logged onto studio and didn’t see the button i had to spend an excessive amount of time just finding out where it was moved to (this is mostly because i don’t use the Test and View tabs at all).

  2. Docking feels kind of clunky, I’m so used to just dragging a window and it slotting into place being a fast and easy solution to moving things around. With the update i have to drag a window to the center of the side i want to place it and most of the time it will just cover a window instead of making space for it. This is an issue to me, it completely slows down my work flow as i’m spending un-needed time to make sure i can see and use everything that i need to when i need to use it.

  3. Performance issues, I’m unsure if this is just something occurring for me but i am receiving quite frequent lag spikes when using studio. This isn’t even when i’m moving around in studio, this can occur while i’m trying to move a window into a decent spot to continue working.

  4. Layout Shuffling, I’m unsure if this is intentional or not but it’s a massive annoyance. I’ll open studio and my studio layout would have changed in some way leading me to spend un-needed time to correct it before working.

  5. Script input delay, once again this could be something only occurring for me; When typing in a script there is minor input delay, this isn’t too bad but can get a little annoying at times.

  6. The weird blank grey tab, When running or playing in studio i usually encounter a wide plain grey box in the top left of my screen; this causes me to exit the test and click to play/run it again, this doesn’t seem like too much of a problem for the time being but i can see this being a massive annoyance to some other developers.

  7. Test load times, May just be me; I seem to be taking a lot longer to load into a play-test then to what it would usually take to just join the game from the roblox site, once again this isn’t too bad but can get annoying at times.

  8. When opening studio certain plugins that have the ability to open a window will usually open a window covering certain docking areas, this is just a minor issue and can easily be closed. can just be a bit annoying at times when you have multiple studio tabs open.

These are just the issues I’ve encountered and things i just dislike about the update. I would overall recommend the docking to be an optional thing and just moving the UI Toggle back to it’s original location.

Ok, so the new update just rolled out and it does not address the Mac performance issues. It’s strange to me that they have not addressed it, but I have a workaround that was mentioned by someone earlier. Basically the docking of the Explorer window, within the main window, is causing the performance issues. If you undock the Explorer window, leaving to float standalone, at least for me the extreme lag issues go away. This allows me to use Studio again, but I can’t confirm if performance is completely “back to normal”.


After all these days, the high latency on the Mac os is still unresolved, and I doubt the official staff even saw our comments. I’m disappointed. This is a very frustrating issue for developers to be productive with. Their work efficiency is really low, with a high salary, but in the office lazy. I know I’m harsh, and I want to use harsh words to make Roblox Studio better.


This should be resolved by the most recent update. Please let us know if you still continue to face lag on MacOS

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We are actively reviewing all comments on this thread as well as the dev forum. We do not reply to all comments.

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