The Big Bug Reporting Update

Just message @Bug-Support and a human will manually triage and locate it. It’s not promoted for the same reasons; the bug report team will get overloaded as it is entirely manual

That doesn’t magically make more experienced people for these types of jobs appear out of nowhere

That’s what the forum moderation team does proactively, however they sometimes don’t know technical context and it stays up for months at a time. Slightly gatekeeping it helps with the flow, however long term I hope to see it expanded more so it’s no necessary

Hi Creators,

We wanted to update you on our bug reporting process. We’ve recently granted bug reporting access to over 1,000 new creators, but we need to slow down the rate of new admissions.

Over the past year, we’ve refined our bug reporting process to make triage quicker and more effective, ensuring each bug reaches the team that can fix it. We’ve also improved communication, providing more frequent updates on DevForum and notifying you when bugs are fixed.

The recent waves of onboarding have almost doubled the activity in the bug forum, which is putting strain on our triage process. We want each bug to get the attention it deserves, so we’re slowing down new admissions to better manage the workload and prioritize issues based on your needs.

You can still contribute to the bug reports category on DevForum by engaging with existing reports. Liking and commenting on reports helps us identify the most disruptive bugs for the community. Please continue to engage with unresolved bugs, and we’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for understanding. We remain committed to improving our process and opening bug reporting to everyone, but it will take more time than we initially anticipated. Your reports are incredibly important to us, and we appreciate your contributions.

Roblox Creator Success


Does this mean that you’re restricting new users from applying to be apart of the bug reports group or does this mean that you’re slowing down the rate at which you’re reviewing applications to be apart of the group. Been waiting forever and truth behold I’ve lost nearly all my patience. I either report a bug through a system that takes 20 years to respond (I’m still waiting for a response to one I sent late April) or I go through a system that takes 200 years to even acknowledge that I exist.


Kind of expected this to happen, it’s one of the concerns I had when the bug reporting updates were announced at first. Thanks very much for keeping in touch with us about this and being proactive to ensure reports we’ve been filing don’t begin going unanswered again in the same state they were a couple of months ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

The latter, you can still keep requesting to join.

Of course! Remember, everyone can still contribute by commenting on and liking reports you’d like to see receive more attention :slight_smile:

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Sorry for anything below if it insulted anyone in any way.

But you can’t create new bug reports. Search function won’t help you a lot if you have some specific bug, and even if it not that specific - there’s still high chance that it will be covered by other bug reports or won’t show in search at all due to something not working internally.
And don’t forget that Roblox is literally engine with TONS of Bugs, which I almost ALWAYS need to fix MYSELF. I need to fix ROBLOX bugs and NOT ROBLOX?!!! Is that a joke?

It has been 4.5 MONTHS OF WAITING???
HOW YOU ARE CHECKING ELIGIBILITY for joining this group? Do you check everything of account, identify all alt accounts, verified with diffierent emails, or ANYTHING other?

I UNDERSTAND that checking everything may take time, but bruh - not that much time. I heard that you accepted 100 people in 1 week,

Great job, until next point:

That's roughly 14 people per day.

Does only single person checks all that people? And you want to slow this process down even further?
Why not use BOTS, like you did everywhere else: in moderation, in support, in appelation, in DMCA support?

Why it takes 4.5 MONTHS to see NO result?
I don’t want to know only that there was 1000 people accepted into bug reports group. I want MYSELF to be accepted into it and report BUGS, like:

  1. ScrollingFrame CanvasSize inheritance from PARENT object / ScrollingFrame size infulenced, instead of working off actual WindowSize?
  2. Output window which makes itself unfunctional when you click on output message in the same time it appeared.
  3. Models not respecting child model’s primary parts.
  4. Rotated GUI frames being clipped out if they are invisible at rotation 0 but visible at current degree, (And nope, CanvasGroup AREN’T a PaNaCeA for this, cause it uses much more memory than clipping)
  5. Mesh importer not always changes file size in import window after altering Unit Scale.
  6. Mesh importer LAGS a lot when you uncheck mesh importing.
  7. Mesh importer won’t import anything if you unckecked root, but then manually checked anything under it.





A TON OF OTHER BUGS which I don’t remember rn cuz I forgot them in that 4.5 months time. Roblox won’t be able to fix all that bugs, because either “It’s intented”, “It went into silence due to unknown reason”, or current situation:

wait forewer.

Also, tell me please, what occured to @Bug-Support? I remember that I messaged that group 1-2 times after this announcement, and all messages went silent. Does it closed now and not accepts any messages? How in this case I can report bugs?

I’m sorry, if that all insulted anyone, or made feel bad, but please, understand our point too - we are all individuals, and love Roblox, and most of us want to help Roblox to grow, but it’s impossible in the current situation when not a lot from the stuff want to hear us. Roblox has problems, and this problems are needed to be addresseed.

That’s all. At least for now.


Hey there, there is an update linked in the first post here from May 31, did you read that? It will answer most of your questions on the “wait time” and “eligibility”. I think you misunderstood the reason we are accepting people slowly. There’s no review of applicants, it is based on how much our internal teams can handle in terms of bug report workload.

Please use Bug-Support in the mean-time.

We’d love to open up the floodgates and let everyone in if it was that easy but we have to work around practical constraints about how much time/effort we have available internally to work on these bugs. We understand that it’s important to open up access as fast as feasible and we are passionate about that as much as you are. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the mean-time while we work on these constraints.


been a while since i requested to join and still havent been accepted

Can you please give me an estimate time needed for @Bug-Support to look and reply to bug reports? Before @Allow-Bug-Reports was created, Bugs I reported to that group were read and appoved with 2-3 days delay. As you said, I reported some bugs, but now, it’s almost 2 weeks passed with no single responce. Only thing I got is 4 views on one report.

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Hey, thanks for flagging! We’ve had some folks out of office, so hopefully this won’t happen again. We’ll see if we can keep up the pace on converting those. We know it’s the only way many of you can submit bugs, now that we’ve paused opening reporting.

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