[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Same, all of my songs that were uploaded by me no longer load

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With all due respect, I personally feel like this update seriously feels very much rushed giving us only a 2 week timeframe to be able and re-upload/change every single one of our Sound Assets while some people have either 10, or 100 at best per month (And the question as to why some Developers get like, 2,000 Audio Uploads/month still remains unknown :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Many Developers need to re-search and re-establish all of their Audios that they enjoy which fit the correct theme, idea, and setting with what we’re trying to achieve in our Experiences, and restricting us to only having 10-100 Sounds per month (Especially considering if Developers have made tons of games that have Sounds > 6s) really pressures the community, and if we’re having to replace at least over 10, or 100 more of these Sound Assets along with the Monthly Limit, then it’s a lot of unnecessary work we’re putting into just for nothing at this point on if we’re having to wait until next month just to refresh our Upload Count

The other issues I have to address is the fact about the limitations on Audio Searching, which is want I’ll be somewhat going into for these next couple of statements

– Issues with the Audio Library –

I stated something back the first time I sent a post on here:

Searching for a song we have very limited options to work around with here, as our only known choices are:

  • Searching by a Genre


  • Searching for a familiar Song Name that ROBLOX might’ve made Copyright-Free

  • Searching by the Creator Name (I don’t think most of us use this one but I’ll still use it as reference)


Cause by at this point, we’re just attempting to take random guesses & find the correct tune while we’re trying to search for something that’s close to some kind of “Scary Ambience”

Another common issue is that there are licensed Audio names that don’t even properly fit the necessary theme of what we assume it’s supposed to be, here are some of the examples that I can provide:

My suggestion, is to add Categories so that we can differentiate between:

  • User Uploaded Sounds
  • Official ROBLOX Licensed Sounds
  • MonsterCat / Pro Sound Effects Licensed Sounds

And 2 more:

  • Music Assets (Sounds that are > 6s)
  • SFX Assets (Sounds that are < 6s)

I’m assuming that by this point the ROBLOX Staff are attempting to fix all the necessary bugs, so at the very best all we can do is hope that we can get a more stable selection of Sounds we can pick from

– The Critical Bugs –

Ever since this update first rolled in, the ROBLOX Staff gave us a Plugin which checks for what kinds of sounds classify as “SFX”, or long term “Music” (If an Audio is greater than 6s [Potentially 15s as relevance in the OP since they are working on that], it’s technically set as “Music”), and it also checks whether the specified asset is Copyright Free or not via the checkmarks, but if you encounter bugs from this said “Plugin” along with the strict timeframe they gave us, it can become more difficult having to solve the issue as to why it happens happening, resulting into more of a major issue & having to maintain all of the current Sounds that you have within an Experience

Another related Audio bug, is that the Marketplace Filter can not detect some specific words, which results as showing nothing at all:

The other issue is that anyone who’s new to the DevForums that has experienced a recent bug ever since this Audio Update first rolled out, barely even know where to report these “said” bugs as they haven’t fully read & researched enough so they just post them in a random channel such as #forum-help:forum-questions, #help-and-feedback, etc until someone either someone flags it, closes it, or moves it to the appropriate location

– Potential Conclusion –

If you’re planning to release a CRITICAL update that’s going to impact all of us, you should seriously fix all of the necessary & important issues relevant to Audio/Sound assets that will most impact us as Developers as some of us can’t handle these kinds of new changes

It’s difficult to maintain good games, especially if we’re being strict having to either find stuff from the licensed ROBLOX APM music, or making the free-copyrighted Sounds ourselves

Overall, this is my personal take as of 3/22/2022 on it, and I do seriously hope we get some sort of further update relevant to this entire issue cause the majority of this community is not taking it well


Ignore how blurry it is. Snipping tool is kind of bad

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could that be why the audios are Being denied because they are having issues with the market place?

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…wow even after the update it’s somehow even worst.
Roblox you need to fix your stuff, this is how you lose devs.

Edit1: Guess I’ll move back to making showcases instead of games…


Even after having spent over 9 hours reuploading all of my audios I still have all of this being spammed into the output. This better be fixed ASAP


Should’ve updated my audios ages ago (didn’t have time). Now my roblox studio takes for ever to load in. :confused:

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Despite following the steps provided to avoid complications with this update to the letter, which we were assured would prevent any interruptions, (every sound in the audio discovery tool is marked as okay, even now!) these changes have still somehow completely broken our game. I was willing to play ball as long as the most basic tools and solutions offered to us would work as expected, but at this point I’m genuinely not sure I’ll ever be confident using this platform for any sort of development in the future.


I have remained calm and collected without much of a hurry because I was only using a few audios not uploaded by me before this update…

But now short ones aren’t loading either (length < 6 seconds) and my output and list of sounds gets flooded by my own audios as “unpermitted” even though I already gave permission…?

I’ll just quit caring for this evening and hopefully this mess gets fixed ASAP.


I think they have some trouble with the toolbox and asset library, so currently I think that everything is non-existant

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I certainly hope so, cause if this is intended, it’s absolutely barbaric.

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Market Place is back hopefully uploads now work

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I got a glitch where i there is no play icon near the sound

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is the sound owned by you? if not its probably been privated like everything else

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I have failed to download audio error for all the audio in my game but the audio still plays, weird

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It’s not by me there’s some that do not have a play button


the issues most people are complaining about better be a bug

hoping for a fix

aaand plz at least allow us to load the AUDIOS WE UPLOADED for group games WE OWN or HAVE EDIT PERMISSIONS TO

it honestly sounds very off to not have that feature included by default

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Today’s the day.

When does it start?

It already went through I think

It all ready started