Weird joining issue when creating servers from New Zealand

So this is an extremely strange bug, that I have been noticing for the last couple weeks - and others from my region have so as well.

I am from Wellington, New Zealand. When I am the first to join a game place/or open up a Team Create server, people outside of my region are unable to join my game/open the TC place.

The bug seems to happen when:

  • I am the first to join the server (Eg I am the creating the server).
  • I am the first to join the TC

Some users are able to join my game/server, whereas others (not sure if it’s region related) are not able to join me.

It started happening about a week ago.


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Just an update this bug is still occurring, and very present with multiple people from New Zealand.

It occurs across all games and places on ROBLOX, if I am the one who creates the server.

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