What is the highlight instance and how would I use it?

I came across an object that I haven’t seen before:

I couldn’t find documentation about this, was this recently added and what is it for?


first hint: its an effect.
but then it isn’t shown as one in the ‘model’ tab.

i found an api reference for it:

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I wish they had a description for it, if its an effect where should it go? it greys out when inserting into a part so it must not be for objects.

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and those are all its data properties. it seems something like the selection box, but like forcefield. maybe it is unused?




oh cool. I know not to get my hopes up but it would be cool if this effect creates the reverse effect of a forcefield system in that its edges gradually become transparent instead of opaque. right now Im having difficulties creating a blurred background for low graphics. having parts that have their edges faded would be a huge help.

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clonetrooper showed how highlight will look like. He posted this on twitter


even if this wasn’t what I expected I can see this still being a really cool feature.

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When is this coming out? This could save me a lot of time on an X-ray gamepass


We have no idea if and when it will be released, only that it exists. Hopefully we’ll see this being used later in the future.

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I know this is an older post and you may have found your answer, but I will give you an answer anyways.

The highlight simply gives models an outline, so if put into a player character it would create this outline around their character like what you see in cartoons. People create this effect already with I believe using back face culling in Blender. There is a video somewhere showing it in action but I cannot remember where.

it is released!
i could insert it to the workspace!

HengryThe_Legendary does it work?

the highlight instance exist but i dont know how it works
i checked the properties it was adornee and other things

it was released a long time ago. but we cant use it yet. its real use isn’t released yet

This is a feature used to highlight objects in the world so they are more easily visible and also visible through walls and so on.
The feature is currently disabled as it was causing some crashes on some mobile devices. The root cause has been identified and the feature will be turned back on later this week.


this week has passed is it enabled yet?

If this truly is about to be enabled, its a game changer for my experience. Ive been looking forward to it for months!


Calm down bud. They update every Wednesday, so barring any unexpected issues I expect that it will be enabled with tomorrow’s update.


bro i just asked a general question why do you think i am being rude?

I don’t. I just find it unnecessary to follow up when they’ve already explained what they can. When they do release it, they will have a topic in the #updates category and (most likely) a comment in the #updates:release-notes category as well.