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Greetings! I am a 16 year old starting graphic designer here at Roblox. I specialize in 2D art and logo design. I have been designing outside of Roblox for almost 1 year. I draw every icon, background from scratch to give each work a unique and special feel to it.


If you cancel an order and I have already started you will be charged with a cancellation fee

I may raise a commission price depending on the complexity of the commission

I will add a watermark on all Work in Progress screenshots I would show to avoid scamming.

If you aren’t satisfied with the end product, I will gladly make slight changes.

Commissioned work will be posted in my portfolio.




Currently no work done, Coming Soon






I am available any time.

You can contact me at:
Twitter:@/Xeveryi @/xev_blox

Payment can either be in Robux or USD

Check my Clothing Portfolio! Xeveryi - Clothing Designer Portfolio [[ Closed ]]


I’d like a Thumbnail, Please DM me If you Have time or the ability to do so.


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Love what you did for the “National Security” logo. Very creative indeed.

May I ask what the general price range is for the examples you’ve provided? I understand that time and complexity are all taken into account, but I’d like to know if your work is even within my budget, as they seem very high quality!


The Megabite Studios was 150 and National Security was 500 :slight_smile:

I’m interested in ordering a logo that is of a complexity in between those two! :slight_smile:

Please add me on Discord!

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Hello! I unforunately can not send the friend request, can you send me one instead?

I sent you a request on discord :smiley:

Just ordered a logo from Xeveryi and am very satisfied with the result!
He is very creative and manages to make an intriguing design, even when there is little to work with in the start. Furthermore, he delivers the request in a very timely manner!

Highly recommend working with him! :smiley: In fact, I am about to commission even more assets from him!

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I’d say your prices are atleast around 500-850 ROBUX, I love the TIPS jar.

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How much ROBUX does an icon cost?

It depends on the complexity, I charge minimum 150

i can vouch for Xeveryi! he delivered my work fast, and it turned out amazing! i suggest anyone with a medium budget to hire him; it is totally worth it! :grin:

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I’ve collaborated with Xev a multiple-time, trust me, his work is amazing and beautiful! He became our Artistic Director!

It won’t let me add you on Discord! Please add me when you get the chance, I’m interested in purchasing.

I sent you the request on discord!
please check it