About the Forum Help category

This category is for posting any feedback or questions you have about the Developer Forum itself. How-to questions, bug reports and feature requests about the Developer Forum should go in this category.

Please do not use this category to file bug reports or feature requests for other parts of Roblox! Always pick the right category for your post!

Where do I post?

First, you have to pick one of the subcategories. Make sure to pick one that best fits your topic:

  • Forum Help – New to the forum and confused on how to do something? Ask for guidance here!
  • Forum Bugs – Report forum-related bugs here. Please only use this for technical issues!
  • Forum Features – Request new forum-related features here!

Regarding community discussion

To make sure we can keep an overview of all your forum-related requests, we’d like to ask you to defer to #lounge for posts that discuss the Developer Forum community outside of the scope of bug reports and feature requests. Please do not post PSA-like topics or open-ended discussions in this category.

Who can post here?

  • All forum members can create topics in the subcategories and reply to topics.
  • Non-forum members cannot see this category.