[BUSY AT THE MOMENT] UlfhednarBathory / 3D Artist/ Low Poly / Realism /

Now accepting jobs offers.

Im currently only accepting USD, per asset, map, varies depending on the work.

Hey there! im UlfhednarBathory i have been here since 2010 and working on Clan groups and Dev teams since then, mostly focused on developing ways of Large maps and beatiful landscapes for sandbox style games through the years.

I also like to do Detailed Showcases whenever i have time.

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  • Im Colombian so that means i Speak Spanish and English.

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  • Complete use of Studio for Building methods and map designs. (Focused on mixing detail with perfomance)

  • Use of 3d Software like Blender for 3d art and meshes.

  • Experience with large sandbox maps (Triangle terrain) and detailed vegetation with perfomance.

I basically mix 3d modelling with CSG and simple parts to create stuff, such as buildings, guns, vehicles, landscapes, vegetation etc.

i do not like to use CSG as i find 3d Modelling a lot more comfortable as i can make detailed meshes while caring about amount of polygons to keep a good level of perfomance.

Showcases and work


Individual experiments and projects
3D Modelling:


Landscapes in Studio: Icon

This is still really experimental as this is basically my objective while deving, i always find new ways to make things look cooler and still have good perfomance, while not struggling with the amount of time it takes (For example triangle terrain with this new method takes a lot less time)

This Terrain (Above) test its about 4x4Km long, it takes time to render and it was made with Heightmaps.


My current project with Enlightened Studios: SHELLSHOCK

Where im in charge of doing terrain for maps, vegetation, some buildings, equipments (Like ammo crates), Vehicles and some map designs.

Some of my Vector designs, like Icons and Map layouts:



Im usually available all days of the week.




You’re really talented! Bookmarking this right now.

Just to be clear, you’re only working for a percent of game revenue, correct?


Nice work. Will probably hire you soon for vector art

Future game revenue like exchanging robux for USD its the objective, so when time comes one might decide the percent so yeah.

So right now you literally don’t want any sort of payment?

Not robux, right now i dont use them for anything.

I’m sorry if i’m being rather dumb, but I’m kinda having trouble actually understanding what you mean.

You don’t want Robux as you have no use for it. You don’t want USD either. But if (filling the gaps) the game gets popular then you’d want a percent of revenue?


But i might actually accept some USD x)


I would like to talk to you! add me on discord MissShu#0214


Absolutely love your terrain-work.

Woah that’s some seriously good stuff there. Kudos

Where are the examples of PBR texturing? I see examples of models but not renders or screenshots showing models with any textures.

That mountain terrain is amazing!

Oh i mgiht have forgot that point! let me upload it.

Here we go again.

Now accepting job offers, only in USD, prices may vary depending on work so contact me!

Very very nice portfolio, hopefully we could work sometime in the future.

Been looking for a low poly builder. Dm me or disc me @ Sanjay#2382 whenever you have the chance. We do percent revenue.

Sorry no percent revenue at the moment.

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