[CLOSED] 2020 REMOTE Fall Accelerator Opportunity

Hello Developers,

We’re looking to accelerate the growth of existing, and brand new up-and-coming Roblox Teams / Studios this Fall. We are looking for teams who want to create a new experience, or improve an existing one. Roblox is looking to mentor teams on game design, production management, and platform best practices. Those who participate in our program provide direct feedback to our Product, Engineering, and DevRel teams.

All participants must be 18+ years old. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

With the uncertainty around COVID-19, our Fall Program will be 100% remote.

Roblox is looking for 6 - 12 Roblox Teams / Studios for the Fall Accelerator. Teams must consist of at least 2 people. Each team can have a maximum of 5 participants in the program. Anyone who has tasks that must be completed for the game to ship and be functional must be a part of the program (typically a programmer and builder).

A participant will:

  • (1) Receive a stipend for the 12 week program to work on the project full-time.

  • (2) Receive a one-time equipment reimbursement.

  • (3) Be required to participate in daily stand-ups, production check-ins, as well as presentations, regular feedback sessions, and social hangouts.

  • (4) Be expected to work full-time on their project (8 Hours, Monday - Friday). They will also be expected to attend various meetings that take place between 10a - 6p PST. We will do our best to accommodate different time zones.

We encourage you to collaborate with contractors, part-time developers, and any additional resources you need before, during, and after the program.

Applications have now closed. We’ll be in touch!
You will hear back from us on July 1, 2020.

UPDATE: I left out some rules regarding individuals participating in multiple Accelerators.

  • (1) No individual may participate in more than one program, per calendar year.

  • (2) No individual may participate in two programs consecutively.


Do I need to attend in person?

No. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are not certain our on-site DevSpace will be open during this program. If it is, we would love for our domestic participants to join us in-office if they would like; however, we will be running the program remotely.

Do I need to be a US citizen to participate?


Can I get University credit from this?

Many universities will provide credit for this program, but every school is different! You should consult with your university counselors and determine what credit you can receive. Roblox is happy to help with any information / documents you need completed, but it is your responsibility to execute on this.

How long is the program?

12 weeks.

When do I need to be 18 years old?

You’ll need to be 18 years old before the start date, which is currently planned for the beginning of September.

Do I get paid? How much?

Yes. You will learn about compensation if you participate in the program.

How much is the equipment reimbursement?

Same answer as above.

What is the equipment reimbursement?

Roblox will provide you funds to purchase equipment for you to do your development on. We recommend getting a computer with this, but you could also purchase headphones, drawing pads, mice, and whatever other equipment will help you be successful.

I have an up-and-coming studio that I am looking to expand. Can I lead a team, but use the 5 spots for new team members?

Yes. We understand that some games may be financially supporting one or few developers, but unable to financially support team expansion. We can work with each team on a case-by-case basis to see how the 5 spots can be best utilized.

I will be in College during the Fall. Can I participate in the Accelerator while I am in College?

If you are a full-time student, I wouldn’t recommend this. The Accelerator Program is a full-time program that requires participants to attend various meetings between 10am - 6pm PST. We can work with teams on a case-by-case basis but we will prioritize teams who have the time to commit to their projects.

I submitted a form, but need to make changes. How can I do this?

Your most recent form submitted will be the one we use. Just submit a new one!

Post any other questions you may have below! I look forward to learning more about you and your team.


Wow, this is going to be different for whoever applies. It had never been remote before.

One question though: what if the pandemic ends and the lock downs lift before the start date? Will it still be remote? I’d think so since it’d be a hassle to change everything at the last second…

Anyways, to those who apply, good luck!


Good luck to anyone applying! Glad to see this program continuing, even if it is online.


Wow. What a great opportunity. :smile: Best of luck to anyone who applies. :four_leaf_clover:


This has been one of the most interesting Accelerator program I’ve seen. Sadly, I’m not going to be old enough to be able to participate once it begins.

Good luck to those applying though! :slight_smile:


One more year until I can shoot my shot and try applying.

Good luck to everyone who applies!


So, you think covid-19 will end by then and everything will go back to normal? What will happen if it doesn’t and it turns out to be longer? Would it just be online then on-site?


Good luck to everyone who applies. Great to know this still goes ahead even if the world is on hold, kudos to Roblox!


Very cool acceleration program. I would be interested but I am not old enough!


Me neither! I really want to help the community a lot but I’m not old enough :frowning:


See you when I’m 18 lol
Seriously, this sounds like an awesome program and I cannot wait to attend when I meet the requirements.


So I’m under 18 but I’m starting college next year early so can I get parent permission?

Edit: (To be clear I’m starting college next year with a early college program and I’d love to do this program it’s one of my life goals! :D)


Time for another batch of talented developers to make their mark, Stay Positive and Elevated is my message to those people, and I hope to join you next year when I’m old enough


(in case staff take hours to reply like normal)

It seems like it’ll be remote regardless.


How do the teams work and what should we do to organize a team?


Despite the ongoing pandemic, I hope that it being remote this time around will provide opportunities for many that have previously been unable to do this due to travel expenses and etc!

Thanks for still going through with this program :slight_smile:


Great that this will happen remote! Sadly i’m way too young to apply for this :frowning:. Hopefully I shall be able to in 5 years!


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