[FOR HIRE] HASKYNEK - Builder,Modeler,Clothing Designer,Cartoon GFX

Pink about me
Hello, my name is Hasky, I am 17 years old, and I would like to offer you my services mainly as a modeler and partly as a builder,digital art (faces),clothing design.

Pink showcase

Here are some screenshots of my work:


Most recent









Clothing Design


![Orange jeans with black belt and white sneekers HASKY|523x500, 75%]

Digital Art


Zoro watermark

Shisui watermark

Nagato watermark

Sasuke watermark

Mitsuri watermark

Pink availability
Timeline: CEST

Pink payment
[3D Modelling]: Prices may be negotiable. Prices are around 5$-15$ per model.

[Building]: Prices may be negotiable. Prices are around 5$-10$ per build.

[Clothing Design]: Prices may be negotiable. Prices are around 2$-5$.

[Digital Art]: Prices may be negotiable. Prices are around 2$-5$ per face.

[Payment]: is via Paysafe or Paypal it’s up to you.
Pink contact
You can contact me here on Discord: !hasky#1879

Thanks for reading! small


I’d love to see your works on drop down menus if you can it’s easier than going into games and such.

I do not understand what you mean.

what @Caspyrr is saying like… you have pictured examples, so instead of going into some game, it would be easier for people to look at your creations on a screenshot that you took to show it off

But they don’t have to go into the game, they have the text to click and send it to the picture.

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What they mean is they have to click the link and go into a new tab that leads to a different website which can get a tad bit annoying. take my portfolio for example, it has a drop down menu and if you click it, it will show rows of pictures. Thetankwargunner2's Portfolio about me

Very nice. Nice simple work. Love it, and thanks for doing my job.

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