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Hi! My name is Macaw or Mac. I’m a friendly plant and nature lover. I have been editing smooth terrain in Roblox for 6 years. I am a member of EBR, outstanding member of RAR, and a member of Shiguto.


Here is a selection of some of my best work:

Frozen Planet

May 2020
Originally a commission, it is now free to use with credit. The terrain is based of Ordo Plutonia from the Star Wars series. It’s a cold, barren planet with eternal blizzards. High, stone plateaus border an empty expanse of snow wastes with the occasional tor. Complex caves and a giant ravine dwarf and get you lost. A giant place, around 3x3 baseplates wide.
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More Info Here

Forested Floating Island

September 2020
A medium-sized, floating island with a thick forest and large boulders.
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More Info Here

Painted Canyon

May 2020
A small, colorful canyon showcase at night. A short and quick personal build.
Play it here

Irish Plains

Septemeber 2020
Yellow plains with a rock shaped like a dragon and a large waterfall.
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Lush Cliffs

October 2020
Here are some lush cliffs and rivers with fantasy overhangs and tors.
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Floating Horizons

July 2020
Floating islands. Sort of fantasy. A personal build.

Icy Arches

May 2020
You find yourself amid odd arches made of ice. Rings clearly indicate you are not on planet Earth. The area around you is snowy and frozen, stretching as far as you can see.
Play it here


February 2019
It is a dark and foggy battlefield where all is in ruin and only a lone sword can be seen.
Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 3.12.19 AM

Red Planet

August 2020
A red, martian planet covered with crimson shrubbery.

Canadian Forest

August 2020
A cold, windy forest in Canada. It includes a large cavern.
Play it here

Semi-Tropical and Temperate Islands

August 2020
A set of two islands, one semi-tropical and one temperate.
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Play it here

Treeless Jungle

June 2020
A tropical jungle without trees.

Note: I did not make any of the assets in the showcases above. Those are free models. I do not make assets.

About My Work New

Please read before ordering. I mainly create smooth terrain using Roblox’s terrain editor. I can also do basic post-processing. I do not use Blender nor any other external source.

  • I am looking for commissions or percentage of profits from a game.
  • To send you terrain I’ve made I will uncopylock the game or insert the terrain into one of your places
  • Provide screenshots of terrain you’d like along with descriptions such as color, size, environment, and any other specifications. I will need details. I can always change the appearances of what I build after I’ve made them.
  • I will not make assets. Please provide assets you want me to place or I’ll use free models.
  • Let me know when the deadline is so I can determine if I can finish it in time.
  • Please don’t rush me.
  • You pay before I give. This means I will first give you screenshots of my work, and once you’re both satisfied and have paid me the Robux, I will then hand over the terrain.


Prices depend on complexity, size, and time taken. They’re negotiable at all times. I will send you the terrain after you pay upfront.

Group payments are preferred, but Gamepasses and Developer Products will also accepted. You’re going to have to cover the tax.

I prefer Robux, but USD will do too.

I use CST. You can message me on the Forum or add me on Discord. Let me know if you’ve sent a friend request via forum messages.

Read through the entire post before contacting me.

Macaw12 # 6505

Availability New
I can work at almost any time.
:white_circle: Available
:black_circle: Available- But only for small projects
:white_circle: Not Available

Thanks for reading! :heart:


Hello! Have you ever done any full low poly maps before?

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I haven’t created any large, full scale low poly maps at the moment, and I don’t plan too, either. However, if I change my mind in the future, I will add the terrain to my portfolio and reach out to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Commission for @Firelink2222 :smiley:


Personal showcase “Painted Canyon” added :smile:

Painted Canyon Image One

Painted Canyon Image Three

Painted Canyon Image Two


Added an old showcase :laughing:


Your use of terrain is stunning. If I have any projects with terrain in them in the future, I’ll gladly pay for this level of work.

As for your plant models, I would recommend using terrain in the Build V4 tools plugin. It can rotate parts from the end of other parts, which is something that could improve the look of your plants.

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Thank you so much! It really means a lot. I’m glad you like my terrain. :smiley:


Thanks for the advice, I’ll probably try out and use the plugin later. :slight_smile:

I just got a chance to work with Macaw and he is awesome! He is super easy to work with and he will easily make adjustments based off of what you want. I personally cannot terrain to save my life so it was great to have someone do that for me. I recommend Macaw 100% and I hope to work with them in the future :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It’s been a pleasure to work with you too, and I also hope you also get hired. :grinning:

Added Floating Horizons. A small, fantasy-ish build.


I added red planet! It’s a small showcase on a red planet. It’s sunset, and it’s covered in red shrubbery.


Added Canadian Forest. It’s a cold, cloudy place…


Here’s a forested floating island!


Dude… that is just… just E P I C

You are a better terrain editor than me honestly. Im not very experienced with a lot of stuff in studio (Scripting, Building etc.)

Your terrain builds are absolutely fantastic and so good that you should be on an all time terrain contest.


How do you even manage to get this good at terrain creation?

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I vouch for Macaw, he is just great, very trustworthy and has great communication skills. I don’t really know where he is getting so many ideas from, he is a very creative person.


I contacted you! I am Nv#2008 I look forward to talking with you.

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Hey, I need somebody to make a canadian landscape. What are your costs?


Contacted on discord, my user is Kakashi#0001.

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