Scripting portfilio [2.5 years of experience]

About Me

Hi there! I’m offering my services as a scripter, I have 3 years of scripting experience and I usually script for about 30 hours a week. I’ve been in the Roblox community since 2016 and started to script in December of 2018. I’m fluent in Lua, Python, Swift, and C# and know quite much about programming, computer science, etc. I do take school as my priority, so when I have to do lots of exams, I’ll not be able to work that much. I’m not lazy and I’m putting lots of effort and hours into commissions that I get. It takes usually between 1-2 weeks for me to finish a commission depending on the size. Small commissions may take 4-5 days. I will always finish the commission within 7 days. The only exception is big commissions such as cars, entire games, etc. I’m 16 years old, live in Sweden, can speak Swedish, English, and French. I’m confident to script almost anything. A portfolio update is coming


This is some stuff that I can do but I’m not limited to these things.

Checkpoint System

Checkpoint System.wmv (3.2 MB)

Round System

Round.wmv (2.7 MB)

Coin Collect

Real Coin.wmv (1.7 MB)

Level System

Level System.wmv (1.9 MB)

Car Spawn

Car Spawn System.wmv (2.7 MB)

Money Deposit and withdraw

Dep.wmv (4.2 MB)

Restaurant System

robloxapp-20200720-1625055.wmv (1.3 MB)


robloxapp-20200719-1543053.wmv (278.8 KB)

Pet System

robloxapp-20200722-1535271.wmv (2.1 MB)


robloxapp-20200722-1449547.wmv (1.6 MB)

Stamina bar

Stamina Bar.wmv (1.9 MB)

Sword System

robloxapp-20200722-1600094.wmv (896.0 KB)


I’m available for 70 hours of work every week.


My preferred payment method is USD but I can take Robux too. I can both receive USD through Paypal and IBAN (Prefer IBAN over Paypal). My lowest USD commission is $15 and my lowest Robux commission is 10,000 Robux


Credits to @Supermonkeycat for the sword swing animation

Credits to @Toxstxr for the sword model


You can contact me on Discord: Maxen2031#3524 or here on the developer forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hard worker, knows what he’s doing. :slight_smile: Great overall

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A very nice, detailed portfolio.

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Thank you so much “””””””””””””

I like your work but it is very recommended you use a link for your videos or a way to embed them into your portfolio thread, not a lot of people would download videos just to look at your portfolio.


Could you tell me how to do it? Idk how

I believe you can simply drag and drop the file when editing the message.

You should leave also credits to AlvinBlox that u made the pet system, because the pet system is the exact same one from the video series.

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Yeah I could do that but I can’t build so that is why I copied his background and I didn’t have any ideas for camera tweens as well. If you would’ve orderd a Pet system by me it wouldn’t look like that one in the video. You would be chosig how it would look like and I have DataStore on this one and if you look at the date Alvin blox did not have data store and I also have stats and level on the pets as well as multi Pet Equipment

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I’d love to hire you, DMed you on discord! (icee#1204)

Maxen is a very talented scripter and has a wide knowledge of programming. I highly recommend hiring him!

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Thank you so much, really makes someone’s day when you get a comment from a programmer like you, you are one of the most talented programmers I’ve seen when it comes to your ability to learn and master a programming language