Squidzyee - Older Portfolio (2018 - August 2019)

Squidzyee - Portfolio

My name is Barry, I’m currently 14 and a Builder within the Roblox platform.
My commissions are currently open and vary in price, starting at 10,000 Robux for main builds, and 1,000 Robux for any models made within Studio.


Modern Builds


Other Styles

58 05 ![51|690x378]

Smaller Items

Note that I don’t do machines based off of Sci-Fi or guns, swords, anything cosmetic.

10 47 02 40 20 28 ![38|372x373]


Contact Info

You can either contact me through Roblox or Discord about your builds. Make sure you tell me exactly what you would like and have a plan for what you want in your head already to make the contacting process more fluid. I do not use voice calling, so all conversation will be through text.

Squidzyee (My messages are open)



If there is anything you would like to be informed on regarding this post, please tell me and I can make corrections whether needed. Questions and criticisms on my builds are always appreciated.

Ordering Form

Please fill out the following form in order to commission me for a build:

I hope that you may be potentially interested in some of my building, and may choose to hire me in the future! For now though, I’ll see you later, and make sure that you have a good day.


I highly suggest hiring Barry if youre looking for a builder. We had worked together on a big project before and he did a great job as well as having a great personality.

I can vouch for his services.


Thank you for the advice, it is possible that this could happen.
I’ll make sure I ask all questions around this before I accept any offers.

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Of course, that will obviously come into play when I look into offers.
Maybe now I won’t be as hesitant to go and dive into the deep end and accept commissions that I never find myself having the time to do.

The whole Mad Paintball debacle was horrible to be fair, and completely unfair to the Programmer (forgot name lol) who probably wrote the majority of the game’s code.

Thank you for the advice on this, I’ll definitely be taking this on board.


After looking in your interview and training center deal, will there be any chance of an auditorium within the training center? And would it be possible to combine both builds as a multi-center?

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Potentially, DM me for any questions you have.

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I must say, the aesthetic of your builds is quite nice. I look forward to seeing what you work on in the future.


My commissions are back open, but I’m only taking two projects on at a time.
You can contact me on Discord to get a better idea of my new prices, and I’ll make sure to update this portfolio more with some better photos.

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Very nice builds. Overall nice details in each build provided.

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I’m still available, don’t forget to send me a message on Discord for building inquiries.
Ideally looking for projects on large Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants, but I’m open to everything except large-scale projects and cities.

My new discord is Squidzyee#4776

You can also add me on Twitter:


Updated my portfolio and added some more examples, don’t forget to fill in my new Ordering Form if you are interested in commissioning me! :slight_smile:

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Highly working with this avid builder! Hope this helps with commissions!

Added on discord… --12904#1757

Hope you are still for hire!

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Highly recommended!

@Squidzyee and I have worked on I believe one build together, and he did outstanding!

I can vouch for him,

Commissions are currently closed whilst I work on the stuff I currently have booked up, I’ll be posting that work here within s few weeks depending on when stuff is finished.

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I’m open to some contracting work over the next 5 weeks with a Development Studio, and I have some more examples that I haven’t posted here currently.

I am also now accepting PayPal as a form of payment.