Chocoblox Factory Tycoon - Full Changelog

Chocoblox Factory Tycoon - Full Changelog

Important Update - Update 34 - v1.0 - 7/19/2022

  • Tycoon rewrite! Now you have to buy dropper slots and put different droppers in each dropper slot! Deliver different types of chocoblox in your bag!
  • New features!
    • Tutorial: new user-friendly tutorial with arrows pointing you where to go
    • Achievements: get crystals and badges for reaching a goal!
    • More!
  • Gamepasses!
  • Beta and premium perks!
  • UI color change!
  • Much more!

Update 39 - v1.2 - 3/29/2023

  • New areas
    • New chests: Crystal chests, dark chocoblox chests, etc.
    • New droppers
      • KubeX: In the Level 20 area
      • Quantux: The final brand! These machines compress chocoblox so you can fit more chocoblox in a space.
    • Crystal Caverns: collect crystals!
  • Crystalization: chocoblox has a chance to be crystalized, and when sold, will give crystals!
    • Day-Night cycle: chocoblox has a higher chance to be crystalized at night!
  • Prestige: prestige to get prestige tokens and restart from the beginning!
    • Prestige shop: Prestige tokens can buy perks!
  • And more!

Update 38 - v1.1.2 - 2/4/2023

  • New conveyor system, should help with lag
  • Leveling max XP changes - Easier to level up, also should make crate tiers line up with the droppers you have
  • More upgrades
    • Bag space: gives you 10% more bag space per tier
    • Shop discount: gives you a 2% discount on droppers and bags per tier
    • Slot discount: gives you a 2% discount on all tycoon purchases per tier
  • New reward chests
    • Group chest: gives you rewards for being in the group
    • Level chest: gives you rewards based on your level
  • New border hills
  • UI redesign and other improvements
  • And much more!

Update 37.5 - v1.1.1 - 12/17/2022

  • Holiday Event Part Two!
    • Uses for gingerbread houses
    • Subtract from cooldown
    • Tweaks to rewards
    • Two new stations
      • Marshmallow Mania: Click on marshmallows to add to your score for holiday cheer!
      • Memory Game: Memorize the progressively increasing pattern! Get a high score for lots of holiday cheer and other rewards!
  • More Chocoblox boosts now percents (+5% and +10%)
  • Bug fixes
  • Other changes

Update 37 - v1.1 - 12/10/2022

  • Holiday Event 2022!
    • Get holiday cheer by going to different stations and doing the tasks
    • Earn rewards by reaching the required holiday cheer!
    • Get the limited time droppers and dropper skins!
  • New content at the end of the game
  • Trading
  • Dropper Skins: Gives your dropper a different look! Some skins give your dropper a boost!
  • Crates: Open for a random reward
  • Daily Rewards: The longer you keep your streak, the better rewards you get!
  • Upgrades: Upgrade different stats, like your speed or chocoblox value (+1, +2, etc.)
  • Cash Reward Chest

Update 36 - v1.0.2 - 10/8/2022

  • Halloween Hunt 2022: Find all 10 pumpkins around the map for some boosts and an exclusive dropper!
  • Leveling adjustments: Max XP is different (levels adjusted accordingly), XP gains are different, you can now get XP from selling chocoblox
  • Player stats tab in Console menu
  • Buying multiple droppers takes discounts into consideration
  • Sell all button
  • Friend bonuses when getting playtime rewards
  • Active boosts visible

Update 35 - v1.0.1 - 8/13/2022

  • Leveling
  • Boosting: Buy boosts with crystals or robux!
  • Buying multiple amounts: Buy 3, 5, 10, or Max amount of droppers!
  • Selling items
  • More

Update Archive

Updates that have long passed will be shortened to reduce this post being very long.


Update 33 (6/28/22): Event for beta players, auto item, other
Update 32.5 (4/10/22): Rest of Victor’s questline, item uses, other
Update 32 (3/18/22): Charms, part 1 of Victor’s questline, new prices for tycoon
Update 31 (1/8/22): Cookies, crafting slots, more improvements
Update 30 (12/10/21): Winter event, map changes, crafting, many improvements
Update 29 (8/27/21): Summer event 2021, quests, inventory, teleporter, map changes, other
Update 28 (6/18/21): Exchanging optimizing, new settings, support for DisplayNames
Update 27 (4/30/21): Boosts added, improvements and changes, codes data reset
Update 26 (4/01/21): Easter event overhaul, exchanging nerfed, other changes
Update 25 (3/28/21): Easter event, complete UI revamp, fixes
Update 24: Christmas Event, winter map, codes, gifting
Update 23: Halloween event gone, new tycoon, new teleportation UI, new map decor, exchanging, cocoa farms
Update 22: New logo and loading screen, trees remodeled, event fixed, bug fixes
Update 21: Halloween event, new badges, new decor, beach added
Update 20: Tycoon prices tweaked, parkour courses added, more NPCs
Update 19: new map, new tycoon, rebirthing, NPCs
Update 18: Summer event fixed, UI revamp
Update 17: Asteroid appears (lore!), feedback center added
Update 16: bug fixes, more molten cocoa
Update 15: Reward chests, event “changed” (more collectors, less tiers), more molten cocoa
Update 14: Summer event 2020! More molten cocoa also
Update 13: Bug fixes, performance improvements, VIP lounge and Spin sign (canceled)
Update 12: Volcano appears, achievements added, fixes, small changes
Update 11: Leaderboards reset, new limited offers, bug fixes
Update 10: New player list, tutorial, and chat, other small changes
Update 9: Many bug fixes, leaderboards, leveling
Update 8: You can now earn crystals, exchanging crystals added, 2x crystals gamepass
Update 7: Daily rewards, first gamepasses added, bug fixes
Update 6: Titles added, you can buy cash and crystals with robux
Update 5: Renamed game to Chocoblox Factory Tycoon, loading screen changed a bit, new music
Update 4: Christmas event, there are now 3 plots
Update 3: Thanksgiving event, second plot finished
Update 2: Halloween event, second plot added
Update 1: Second floor added, 4 player servers
Beta Launch: first ever version, one floor, one player per server


This will be where I will post important announcements for v1.0.

2/13 - So right now I’m thinking of a 135,962,105th attempt at a tycoon rewrite. You will have to deliver chocoblox to earn money. Chocoblox is dropped from machines like normal, except for it’s put in a storage once it goes through the conveyor system instead of automatically converting it to cash. This will probably remove some features from the update, such as Upgrades, and rebirth benefits, if I remove rebirthing which may happen. Expect the update to come out anywhere between late spring and beginning summer at the earliest.

4/2 - I’ve made a post about the roadmap of v1.0. Update 32 and Update 32.5 took a lot longer than expected, it began to have a lot of content even though I was just gonna have it as a winter event removal update. Late spring-beginning of summer is no longer a reasonable time unless a miracle happens and developing v1.0 is really easy. Expect v1.0 to be out mid July or beginning of August. Also, since I did squeeze in an update in between Update 31 and v1.0, Update 33 will be v1.0. I don’t plan on adding any more updates, so the possibility of an Update 34 v1.0 is unlikely.

4/16 - There’s a reply to this post showing the phases of development. I’m currently developing Phase 2a, which is the map. Phase 2b is the tycoon building. All of Phase 3 is reworking the tycoon.

4/30 - Someone gave me an idea that I will probably go with for types of chocoblox. Droppers will drop a random type of chocoblox each time and not always be set on something. Different types of chocoblox will be rarer than others, and will be worth more. The rarer it is, the more it’s worth. I’m also thinking of adding another type of chocoblox, Golden Chocoblox, as like a super rare type of chocoblox. So, I think the rarity will go milk (most common), dark, white, and then gold (rarest). Oh, and you could also get a very rare dropper that will always drop a certain type of chocoblox (such as white).

5/22 - Today marks the completion of Phase 3. Phase 2 was completed around the beginning of May. Make sure to refer to the roadmap to know where we are. Or just join the community server. I also created a YouTube channel: Pinleon Studios - YouTube


I’m releasing a few more updates! (yay)