New Roblox Name: LeMustache1
Hi there! I am offering my services as a UI artist and scripter. I have made UIs for three games and wrote scripts for four games. I have been scripting for 3-4 years. I have been working on Roblox as a UI artist and scripter for 4 months and on Roblox and have previously worked on titles such as Doctors, Cheese Obby.

Don’t mind the title I’m open for commisions

(Unfortunately most of these games didn’t come out, but you can still view the stuff I made for them on my portfolio)

If You Came From Fiverr. Yes This is my portfolio (Le Moustache)


Games that I made the UIs

Doctors, Volcano Island Minigames, Dominance of Wizards, Bloxy Stars, Cheese Obby

Games I coded

Doctors, Volcano Island Minigames, Bloxy Stars

Here are some of my codes

Breakable Tree

Tween Service Door

Building System Buggy

Perlin Noise (Map)

Perlin Worm (Cave System)

Pelin Noise Codes Aren’t 100% mine

Here are some screenshots of my UIs

DoctorsComingsoonButtonWatermarked DoctorsSimulatorButtonWatermarked DoctorsStoryButtonWatermarked DoctorsTycoonButtonWatermarked

Bloxy Stars

Emerald GoldCoin

IDK why they look bad here I think it’s because of the watermark (but they look better in-game.)



CheeseXWatermarked MusicCutWatermarked MusicNameWatermarked

Portfolio UIs

These are open source so you can use them and use them wherever you want

AboutMe Availability Contact Payment Showcase




I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me at any time,I am able to work 3-4 hours during the week. I am able to 1-2 hours during the week due to school. I code entire games but I will consider it if you have a good offer.


Prices are negotiable, My preferred payment method is Paypal You have to make the payment before I send you your order. No Refunds!. I also take a small payment before I start making so that I understand that you won’t give the job to someone else while I am making your order. (5% of the payment). The prices can change according to the difficulty of the task.
You will have to sign a contract so that I don’t want to waste my time on something you are not going to buy.

I prefer scripting small tasks (Admin Commands, Placement system, etc.), not entire games.


Please note that the prices can change.
The prices can change according to the difficulty of the task.

GFX - starts from 2€
UI - starts from 3€
Scripting - starts from 10€


My Timezone is GMT+2
If you want a fast answer contact me from devforum.
My discord: LeMustache#2160

And this is my Twitter if you want to follow me :wink: https://twitter.com/lemustache_1

I just came back from a long break so I will only be accepting easy/small orders
but feel free to send me your orders and I will message you if I will do it or not
also because of the break, I have forgotten how to do GFXs, so unfortunately I won’t be able to do any GFX orders for some time…
Also because I haven’t been working for some time, there is no need for payment upfront.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I will update this every time I make something new.


Uhh, where are the translator or scripting examples?

Edited the post. (30 charrrrr)

As you can see, he has completed the GUIs for my game. They look really great and you can play the game when it is available to play again here. He’s really a great UI creator and scripter and I would definitely hire him.

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Nice gui’s keep it up. (30 ch)

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Does good work, is adjustable to your requests and makes sure he get’s it right exactly how you want it. Good guy to work with! :slight_smile:

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Can you link the games your coded and did the gui designs, I would like to see them.

Yes here is one of them:

Uh. It looks like the code for the perlin map using noise and the perlin caves are just taken from the roblox developer forum tutorials about them?

Nope, I made them with the help of another dev.
If you look through my activity you will see it look at topics.
I also made a tutorial on them: