Defense Game Devlog #5 - FINALLY done with enemies

I’m currently working on a defense game where you team up with friends and defend a super yummy cake, and I’m slacking off a lot and neglecting it :woozy_face:. Please read the first, second, third, and fourth devlog if you haven’t already to catch up on the game I’m working on. In short, it’s a game where you have three weapons, and you must defeat many waves of enemies before they reach a yummy cake. Enemies have different weapons they use to attack you, and if everybody dies, or too many enemies reach the cake, you lose! There will be stronger enemies in higher waves, and there’s a boss every 10 waves! It’s going to be really cool and epic!

So last time, I finished making the designs for the enemies, and I decided to make them alien themed for originality, but I haven’t actually made weapons for the enemies. Well, now I made weapons for 'em! I sorta forgot to make them more space themed, but I can just change it up later.

Enemy Weapons

Almost every enemy has a unique weapon assigned to them, so I can’t list every single new weapon here, but I can show you some of the highlights!

  • Space Stick - A basic stick from a space tree starter enemies use to hurt you.
  • Lightning Bolts - Brainy enemies use their thinking caps to shoot 3 electric bolts at you!
  • Staff - Elite enemies swings their staff at you, and can fire projectiles from afar with it too.
  • Dab - Hipster gamer enemies dab on you to kill you :sunglasses:
  • Death Blade - The deadliest, most dangerous blade that exists. Watch out.
  • Laser Sniper - One of my favorites. Snipers can target you with a laser, and if you don’t hide in time, you get shot!
  • Mega Hammer - One of the bosses uses this hammer to smack you and stuff.
  • Slime Balls - Not anything too special. The snot enemy fires slime balls at you in bursts of three.
  • Ice Bow - Archers fire arrows of ice at you, and they can shoot 'em fast.

There are a lot more than this. Oh yeah. It’s gonna be good.

Flying Enemies

So you know how there are special cliff enemies that hang around high places and stuff? Well, I’ve made a new type of enemy: flying enemies! UFOs and stuff will fly around over the map and attack you, either by shooting rockets at you or lasering you.
It’s above my head!

They occasionally drop down to the ground so melee players can kill them. Pretty cool, huh? They might not be too strong alone, but can be a real nuisance together. :muscle:


Yeah, I didn’t get too many things done after the 4th devlog. I’ve been slacking off a lot, but hey, at least I made some epic weapons and UFOs! I promise things will start kicking off now. I just have to stop being lazy.

Here’s the game link if you’d like to see all this for yourself: defend the super yummy cake - Roblox In this prototype build, only “derp” enemies spawn and walk to the cake. There’s a test-exclusive anime warrior enemy on the cliffs, and a UFO will occasionally spawn. There’s also a boss that regularly spawns in.

Please give me as much feedback as possible, and remember that all this is still in development! All the enemies are mostly one-shot for testing purposes, no balancing changes are added yet. I appreciate it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Coming Up

Hopefully the next devlog won’t take 200 years again. The next thing I’m probably gonna do is implement the round system. Y’know, like spawning waves of enemies and stuff. Like how the actual game is gonna be.

I already have the wave structure of enemies kinda planned out, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, but I’m not expecting it to be easy peasy, either. Until then, stay tuned for next time! :grinning:

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