Defense Game Devlog #6: Waves 'n stuff complete!

Please read the previous devlogs about the game I’m working on first:

I’m working on a super hip defense game where you can team up with your friends and take down an alien army trying to steal your super yummy cake! You have three weapons (which you can choose before each round), and you must defeat many waves of enemies before they reach your yummy cake. Enemies have different weapons they use to attack you, and if everybody dies, or too many enemies reach the cake, you lose! There will be stronger enemies in higher waves, and there’s a boss every 10 waves! It’s going to be really cool and epic!

I said last time that I was gonna finish the wave structure, like spawning different enemies in different waves, and I did it! All waves are planned out and coded in the game, with all the bosses and stuff.

I only made the wave structure, though. I didn’t make any dialogue before waves yet, nor a wave counter and enemy counter, but hey, this was a big mechanic I needed done! :sweat_smile:


Here’s a list of all the enemies you’ll find throughout the different waves.

Early game:

  • Derpy - The normal enemy. Not too fast, not too strong
  • Speedy - Quicker than the derpy, but also weaker. Kill it before it gets to the cake!
  • Hardy - Your standard tanky enemy. They’re a bit slow, but can pack quite a punch!
  • Rocketeer - This guy hangs out on cliffs and shoots rockets at you. Make sure you get them!
  • BOSS: Hangry - The big boy punk of aliens. He’s quite tanky and powerful. Take him out!


  • Flaming - These guys are on fire, literally! They shoot fireballs at you, so don’t get too close…
  • Big Brain - Smarter than anything, these guys use their thinking caps to electrocute you!
  • Anime Fighter - These anime fans also hang out on cliffs and use anime moves to kill you.
  • BOSS: Giant - This large, strong guy is quite slow, but can really do some damage. Be careful!
  • Hoopla - That’s right, the guy from spongebob is back as an alien ready to eat cake!
  • Gamer - Oh yeah. Gamers are swift, and dab on you to hurt you.
  • Tanker - With big metal bodies, these guys use cannons on their arm to shoot rocks at you!
  • Angry - One of my favorites. This guy is quite fast, and hits you with a frying pan.
  • Teletummy - He’s harmless, but eats his tummy custard to go faster. Kill it quickly!
  • BOSS: Super Flash - Good luck beating this guy. He’s strong AND fast!
  • Savage - Moves quickly and takes out you in groups. Be careful around them.
  • UFO - These special enemies fly around the map and attack you from above!
  • Snot - These little guys throw slime balls at you! (I might make them become another enemy when defeated)


  • Ravage - More savage than savages!
  • Scoper - One of my favorites, again. They use their laser snipers to snipe you down! Take cover!
  • BOSS: Mothership - Just like UFOs, this boss flies above the map and lasers you down! Good luck with this one.
  • Elite - Top tier in the enemy army. They walk in groups, so be careful!
  • Kamikaze - These guys rush to the cake with a bomb on their head. They explode when you kill them!
  • Savage Golem - These guys are also savage, and throw moon rocks at you! Don’t get hit!
  • Savage Hunter - They hang out on cliffs, and shoot fast arrows at you! Be careful when they appear.
  • Dead - Very strong and powerful. They go in packs, so don’t get too close.
  • Death Guardian - Protectors of the final boss. They’re very powerful. Good luck taking them out.
  • Death Titan - The final boss. Oh yeah, it’s gonna get intense…

And that’s all of them. Each enemy is unique and is better with different weapons, so it’s gonna be very fun!


Aaaaaaaand that’s all for now! I really wanted to finish the wave structure, so I didn’t get too many things done for this devlog, but at least I did it much quicker! :grinning:

If you’d like to take on the waves for yourself, here’s the game link: defend the super yummy cake - Roblox. Keep in mind that there’s no actual map yet, so it’s gonna be really small with only a few cliff enemies at a time, but still, good luck!

If you can’t join the game, here’s a youtube video showcasing the first 8 waves:

It broke after 8 waves and I was messing around with a friend after it broke, but this is now fixed in the game.

I’d really appreciate any feedback, either based on the game or the video. It really helps me a lot! :relaxed: Just keep in mind that this is still in development.

Coming Up

Now that I got the waves layout outta the way, I can focus on other things for the rounds, like an enemy counter, wave counter, and dialogue before waves. Expect those for the next devlog.

I’m gonna try and make the next devlog faster, although it’ll be a little tough with school and all that. But regardless, I think I can make stuff for the game in time. Until then, stay tuned!