Defense Game Devlog #8 - Enemy Spawners, New Upgrade Stand, and the First Map!

Please read the previous devlogs about the game I’m working on first:

I’m working on a super hip defense game where you can team up with your friends and take down an alien army trying to steal your super yummy cake! You have three weapons (which you can choose before each round), and you must defeat many waves of enemies before they reach your yummy cake. Enemies have different weapons they use to attack you, and if everybody dies, or too many enemies reach the cake, you lose! There will be stronger enemies in higher waves, and there’s a boss every 10 waves! It’s going to be really cool and epic! :sunglasses:

I said last time that I’d be making the first fully fleshed-out map, and after a long time of slacking off- I mean working very hard, I finally got it done! I thought I was gonna be “inspired” by a classic map like crossroads, but I ended up designing my own map!

New Enemy Spawners

Before I get to the new map, I’d like to show off the cool new enemy spawner models!

From the latest alien technology.

I made this cool little alien portal for enemies. They appear from here and walk towards the yummy cake. It’s like a teleportational portal you’d only see with UFOs and stuff. Pretty neat, huh?

New Upgrade Stand

Oh, and I also spiced up the upgrade stand model, too!
Get your trendy upgrades here!

All I did was lowered the table, removed the dummy cashier there (rip) and piled up a bunch of weapon stuff. Not anything too fancy, but it had to be done.

New Map - Happy Hill!

The new map is… Happy Hill! It features the classic Happy Home on a small little hill, which is also surrounded by tall, inconvenient rocks!

What a view!

You spawn near the Happy Home, where the cake and upgrade stand also is. Enemies will spawn from the other side of the map, and will run across either the rocky edge, or the bridge, and towards the cake in front of the home.


You can’t actually go in the house, unfortunately :weary:, but you can go on top of it! There’s a ladder behind the house, and you can go onto the chimney for some extra leverage!

There’s also a tall mountain behind it, perfect for sniping incoming enemies!

Here’s the bridge and rocky edge I was talking about. You can go in that little gazebo there and shoot down enemies, but be careful of enemies with ranged weapons. The water is shallow, so players and enemies can walk in it!

There’s also a big mountain on the other side of the map where cliff enemies spawn. They can also spawn in some edges of the map, too.

I tried my best to make it so you can step foot in anywhere in the map. You wanna guard around the cake? You can totally do that! You wanna camp some of the enemy spawns? Go ahead! You wanna abuse the enemy AI and get the enemies stuck in one place for an easy win? That’s completely fine! I really think it allows for emergent gameplay. You can win in ways I don’t expect you to!


And that’s all, folks! I really put in a lot of time into this map, making sure it was at least half decent and all. I didn’t mention this in the post above, but I also rebalanced the enemy schedule a little bit. It’s tricky to win with 1 player, and easier and more fun with 3-4 players.

If you’d like to play and explore the map yourself, here’s the link: defend the super yummy cake - Roblox. The map should load when you join. Please give as much feedback as possible, and remember that this is still in development!

Coming Up

How about I cook up another map, fresh out of the oven? I’ve got a few ideas jotted down, but if you have your own ideas for a map I should make, please tell me! I’d be happy to hear what you want! I think the biggest obstacle of the game’s development is the maps, so I’m gonna make as much maps as I can until I get tired of it.

I’ve been slacking off a lot lately, no surprise, it’s just my thing. I’m definitely gonna make the next map feel different than Happy Hill, so who knows what’ll be in the next devlog! Until next time, stay tuned!