Defense Game Devlog #7 - Music, Enemy Counter, Dialogue, and much more!

Please read the previous devlogs about the game I’m working on first:

I’m working on a super hip defense game where you can team up with your friends and take down an alien army trying to steal your super yummy cake! You have three weapons (which you can choose before each round), and you must defeat many waves of enemies before they reach your yummy cake. Enemies have different weapons they use to attack you, and if everybody dies, or too many enemies reach the cake, you lose! There will be stronger enemies in higher waves, and there’s a boss every 10 waves! It’s going to be really cool and epic!

I said last time that I was gonna do several things like an enemy counter, wave counter, dialogue, and all that good stuff. I ended up finishing all that, plus some more! Get ready because this is gonna get good.

Wave Counter

I added a little counter below cake health that shows what wave you’re on. It’ll say “WAVE x” (x being the wave you’re on). It also says “WAVE x CLEAR!” when you clear the wave you’re on. Just a neat little thing I had to add in.

Oh, and speaking of “WAVE CLEAR” and all that…

Wave Clear Popup

I added a flashy “WAVE CLEAR” animation popup that plays when you clear a wave, to easily let you know when you cleared a wave. :star_struck:

It has a little victory sound with it, and the text bounces back and fourth with a smooth color shifting effect. It’s really cool in game!


I figured it was about time I added in some music. I gave the game some music, which changes depending on the wave:

  • Waves 1 - 9 have some nice early game music
  • Waves 11 - 39 have some hipster mid game music
  • Waves 41 - 49 have some kinda-epic end game music
  • Waves 10, 20, 30, and 40 have super cool boss music (since it’s boss waves)
  • Wave 50, the final wave, has epic final boss music :sunglasses:

Tried my best picking out the music. Don’t expect anything too awesome, but hey, it still works!

Enemy Counter

Just like I promised, I added a super cool enemy counter at the bottom left corner of the screen! It shows how many enemies are left for the wave.
Only 12 left to go…

It has a cute little animation when an enemy dies and the counter goes down.

Player Death

Previously, nothing happened when you die, you’d just respawn. Well, not anymore! When you die, you respawn as a spooOOooOOky ghost!11!!!1!! :ghost:

It’s not really spooky, you just become transparent.

As a ghost, you can’t use any of your weapons to kill enemies, but you CAN push them around a little to help out (other than that you can’t do much)!

When you die, you get revived in a few waves, and you’ll be able to use your weapons again! If everybody is dead at once, you lose the game!


For our final thing for the day, I’ve added dialogue! Text will appear at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of some waves you give you some tips, such as info about a new enemy, or just a reminder to upgrade your weapons.

Let’s do this…

It has a neat typewriting effect, which makes it easy to read along as it appears. It fades in just in time for enemies, and really makes the scene a lot more interesting! :movie_camera: It also kinda adds to the lore and stuff. You never know what enemy will come next…


And that’s all I’ve got. Not gonna lie, I’m proud of all this stuff I added. I actually got most of this done in a single day, but was too lazy to make this devlog until a few days later. Regardless, I’m happy that I got it made quick! :grinning:

If you’d like to see all this stuff in the game, here’s the game link: defend the super yummy cake - Roblox. Keep in mind that there’s no actual map yet, so it’s gonna be really small with only a few cliff enemies at a time, but still, have fun! Please give as much feedback as possible, but keep in mind that this is still a prototype!

Coming Up

Hmm… How about a fully fleshed out map? For next time, expect a working map that I’ll steal fro- I-I mean… “Inspired” by a classic map like crossroads. It’ll have the enemy portal and cliff spots and everything! While I’m not completely done with the round of the game yet, I want to make a map so I can see how everything will be.

I’m not sure how long this will take to implement, but just be patient. Try and see if you can beat the prototype in the game link above for now. Until then, stay tuned!


Bro please, make this into a real game and not just a small project. I love how the player is the one defending while in other games like Tower Battles, you place troops to defend. Another amazing feature you made it upgrades. Awesome game.

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When ur out of map ideas lol

Very noice devlog!

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I played it is fun.
when a player opens the upgrades shop, it should unequip any tool u have equipped to free the mouse cursor.
Is there an intermission? when are u supposed to get the upgrades with waves of enemies coming out.
hope this helps.