Hiring a Builder and Modeler for New Project! (Well Paid)

High Paid Opportunity for Dedicated and Talented Individuals!

Job Details

We’re looking to hire on two new positions for a new project our studio is working on. We need a builder and a modeler that are good at making colorful, low poly and creative designs. These individuals should be hard working and work well with tight deadlines. This is a contracted job opportunity with full time potential.

Our Studio and Past Games
Wonder Works Studio: Wonder Works Studio - Roblox
Here’s another game we’ve developed: Overlook 🏡 RP - Roblox

About The Job

This job has a three week turnaround but pays on the higher end of the compensation scales by Roblox standards. We’re looking for a few small builds/maps for a round based game. We’re also looking for a good amount of modeled assets, weapons, pets and more. Payment will be made in USD via wire transfer or Paypal deposit. We’re looking for serious candidates only, that will have the time to finish a project like this within the deadline.

Our game needs at least 50 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours. And at least 5 round based maps as well.


We will make all payments in USD, via bank transfer or Paypal deposit. Commission and compensation can be discussed if we move further into the process with a selected individual or individuals.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum with your portfolio and Discord username.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I am interested as a 3D Modeler, my Discord is RocketScript#5634

This is my portfolio: Advanced Low-Poly and Mid-Poly Modeler for Hire! (CLOSED) - #11 by GVHholder

Hope to hear from you soon

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Hello, I’m interested in the 3D modeler position, here is my portofolio. My Discord is 3343#3445

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I am interested to become a Builder, my Discord is AL4HA_T4NG0#8701

This is my portfolio: AL4HA_T4NG0

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I’m interested, and I have a few questions.

I’m very confident about meeting the deadlines that you ask for as I am quite literally a workaholic.

I’ve worked on many projects in the past and continue to do so, I’m very familiar with the low-poly style of building that most Roblox games utilize.

You can find most of my work here:

Here are my more recent builds:




Since you’re paying within USD, do you have a minimum age for being hired on the project? I can only assume that a project like this would require 18+ individuals but if this isn’t the case I might have to consider looking further into the opportunity.

Seems like a good opportunity to do some work for a well backed, successful studio.



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I’m a 3D Modeler.
My discord is - vvolfy#0813
Some of my work - Poly Modeler / GFX Designer

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I am interested here is my portfolio : Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer

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I definitely recommend Spathi. He’s one of the most hard-working people I know, and his talent as a modeler is phenomenal. He has this unique art-style that I haven’t really seen anywhere else.


I am interested I will talk to you with better details on discord: BanLloKei#1784

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Hi! I’m interested working with you
Here’s my portfolio


I am interested in the builder spot, add my Discord at Parzival#1517. Here is my portfolio Procfile's portfolio

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I am interested as a low poly modeler. My discord is: sikowwitzz#8933
My portfolio is here: [OPEN] Sikowwitzz's 3D Modeling Portfolio
I am very free timewise

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Messaged ya over the via forums privately, but to ensure it’s seen I’ll send it here as well!

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I’m interested in the position of Builder role.
I have all pictures saved in my files, add me and I will show you. Captain Harry#9999

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Hey! I’m interested in learning more about the project! Reach out when you can! Portfolio: Coleifornia - Building Portfolio
Discord: coleifornia#4530

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Hi, I can model mid- and low-poly assets and I would love to work with you guys, my portfolio is My 3D Modeling Portfolio, and my discord tag is glowlez#9854

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Hello Megan!

I would love to be considered for one of the positions with Wonder Works Studio. I’ve been making a variety of items, from low-poly to high-poly, pets, models (furniture, guns, vehicles, accessories, etc) to map design (making islands, trees, etc.) Your work ethic has always impressed me, and I believe you would appreciate my work ethic as well. I’ve included the link to my portfolio. My Discord is UptownRose#6861 and you know my Twitter (@UptownRoseYT) which is my preferred social media choice. I am willing to take direction, and I believe in being my very best for people. I wouldn’t let you down, Megan. Thanks for considering me!

Portfolio Link: UptownRose's Building Commissions


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I’m interested for the modeler position Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN]

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