(OutOfdate) Composer for hire

Hello, My name is Composer_Dev I am a Composer/SFX.
I can do Animal Sounds. As well as Car all the way up to a airplane to the water like a boat.

About me ^.^


Ex: Bass Type [Roblox audio] - YouTube === Good Night - YouTube

Groups I have worked for or working for now.

British Armed Forces | [BAF]
CC Games
Pinleon Studios
The New Jedi 0rder
Desolated Studios
[SCP] Site-65
Blizzardon Studio


I am available from 3:00 PM-9:00PM EST everyday.


Price: 1k-5k Robux For each Asset(1-2 mins long)
USD - 5-25 in US USD


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Composer_Dev#4024

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :123:


can i ask, what software you use to create sounds ?

I make my music on my phone. :123: iOS

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sorry, i diddent ask that very well, i mean more like what program.
ive been looking for a synthesyser for a long time and i found a professional that uses one.

Garageband I make them with that.


If you’re looking for professional DAWs I’d recommend Ableton, FL studio or Cubase. All are industry standard and are a lot better than garage band. Although if you’re just starting out it is acceptable, however I’d recommend Ableton overall.

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i could do it but rn i am short on robux if my game becomes popular i will give you your pay.

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