SurfaceProjection object

Some of the AoE effects I have planned would work best if I could show them visually on the terrain. I’m sure other people would be able to find use cases for it as well.

I know this is already sort of doable with Part + SurfaceGui, but it only really works if the projection is small due to terrain

Example of Part + SurfaceGui projection Another example

While this is OK for small things such as NPC selection, when it gets bigger - especially with how uneven terrain can be, well - it looks terrible.

The problem
As you can see by the above example, it does not work too great with terrain. Would definitely not work for doing AoE visuals :frowning:

What this could be used for:

  • Selection (Like my above example of the NPC)
  • Visual AoE (Area of Effect) effects - Like Reinhardt’s earth shatter in Overwatch

There are many other things you could possibly use it for as well.

I’m thinking it could work similar to SpotLight, where it’s parented to a part, gets emitted from one of the surfaces and a changeable projection size. Should also have a way to ignore instances.


Ohhhh this would be nice for SO many use cases! Support!


This is something very different that could be very useful for a lot of games and isn’t really doable atm. Would be great if it was done for parts too. Support


How exactly would this work?

A CFrame property so that it has the start position and direction for the projection or ?

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I guess?
Maybe it could even have a property in which you could choose between one-directional projection and all directions?
But then it would probably require a different kind of image to be able to stretch it out properly. For example, an orb which scans the area around it by using this kind of projection.

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That is what the rest of the world calls ‘decals’.


Not exactly :stuck_out_tongue:
But somewhat close


Well - it’s a request to get positionable decals on complex shapes like in the picture above - the current decals would either stretch over the whole terrain, or be flat and clip the terrain, as shown in OP.

I do think the title descripes the feature well - but I’m not too bothered about having it as part of the existing Decal class either :thinking:


I think you completely misunderstand the request

@As8D has the proper understanding


That is exactly what I said it was - a decal.


I think you are confusing people because you are using the word “decal” and they think you are referring to the existing Decal class. Decal objects do not offer the functionality that is being requested here. They cannot be put on arbitrary positions on parts (especially not on Terrain), they always occupy a full face of a part and not a section of it, nor can they be projected downward on multiple faces (with different normals) at once.


maxvee is right it’s a decal

but our decals aren’t quite strong enough for this application…


we seriously need this :smiley:


Definite support!!! :open_mouth:

I’d like to add that it’d be also be beast to have the ability to apply particles to the SurfaceGUI. Things like dust or fire or whatever would be epic!

What do you guys think? @Vorlias


I hope this doesn’t just die down. This would be SO amazing, and I cannot say how much I would love this. So many use cases!

  1. Splattering liquid on uneven surfaces
  2. Curved bullet holes on trees / round surfaces
  3. Circles / rings around characters (like the OP)

Obviously, I’m not that creative, but these are just a few examples. Please make this happen! :smiley:


one other idea which i got ;

maybe a feature like to project a decal out of a part into a specific direction which a max projection range ; in order like to archive realistic overhead projectors and other cool hologram and light source effects.
This might also allow ultra realistic laser pointers and similar things :open_mouth:


That would be amazing! SO many use casessssss


Yeah, would love to hear staff opinions on this


Please keep providing different use cases with pictures to help us figure out how useful this would be to developers.


How many different applications of projections do you think would be a good starting point?