The Big Bug Reporting Update

Its been multiple months since I initially sent a membership request to group and I’ve gotten nothing in terms of a response or acknowledgement that the request had even been seen let alone considered and a determination made.

Hell, I even managed to use the old bug reporting method for non-regulars and have it be posted to the category whilst waiting. As I said in the message bellow, it feels like I’m being left in the dark in a system that was intended to make the reporting of bugs for non-regulars easier. This entire process of waiting and waiting and even more waiting just for the possibility of getting accepted is making me feel like this new system is making it a lot harder to report bugs in reality (especially as someone who has contributed to making the platform better by reporting multiple issues/bugs in the past.)

Unoriginal, we do not process replies to the request messages, please don’t reply to these messages as we will not see your replies.

Please refer to the posts of mine right above yours for further information why your request is not accepted yet. Going as fast as we can, thanks for your patience! We accepted a couple hundred people in the past week but there are still many more in queue.

Will the old method of using the Bug Reports group still work in the meantime? If it weren’t for that the said critical issue that I mentioned would still be rotting away whilst waiting to get into the group.

Yes that inbox is still open and accepting content until we run through the request backlog.

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When? Please, we don’t want to wait any longer.

For feature request discussion please weigh in on this thread instead with your comments: All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests.

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Quick question @Hooksmith:
Is it true everyone on the Forum will be accepted into AllowBugReports soon?

Should we still request permission to join the group or wait until everyone is accepted?

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No, you need to request to join now and in the future.


Hi, is there any way to check on the status of our AllowBugReports request? I feel like I applied longer than a month ago, but still have yet to be accepted. There is a mesh issue with the Roblox-created catalog item Duke of the Fallen Federation when looking at it from behind, and I’d like to report this:

EDIT: just realized we can DM the legacy group still, I will try submitting that way in the meantime. Thanks.


@Hooksmith, I urgently need your help with a bug report I submitted 5 days ago; I still haven’t gotten a reply:

Could you please look into this?

It’s a major problem for me because I cannot use Roblox Studio’s most basic functions – move, scale, and rotate.

It still persists in the latest version of Studio.

Make sure you have collisions turned off:

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OH. MY. GOSH. That actually worked!

Thank you so much @Stinch_Comb !
You’ve helped me more than Roblox; I literally had to wait for more than a week for a response…

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You can also use #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support or #help-and-feedback:building-support in the future to get a quick gut check if you’re dealing with a bug or if it’s human error before submitting a bug report!

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But WHY lock everyone out of bug reporting in the first place?

To prevent spam, troll reports, and the bug handling team from getting overloaded as fast

Come on that can’t be a legit response, it’s a billion dollar company and you’re telling me they can’t dedicate even one moderator to remove the spam/troll posts, there are serious engine and studio bugs that need addressing, who do you think is going to break the engine more often - noobs that don’t know how to use it - or veterans that already know how to do everything properly. Those noobs aren’t going to be on this special list and the bugs will just go unresolved.

Just message @Bug-Support and a human will manually triage and locate it. It’s not promoted for the same reasons; the bug report team will get overloaded as it is entirely manual

That doesn’t magically make more experienced people for these types of jobs appear out of nowhere

That’s what the forum moderation team does proactively, however they sometimes don’t know technical context and it stays up for months at a time. Slightly gatekeeping it helps with the flow, however long term I hope to see it expanded more so it’s no necessary

Hi Creators,

We wanted to update you on our bug reporting process. We’ve recently granted bug reporting access to over 1,000 new creators, but we need to slow down the rate of new admissions.

Over the past year, we’ve refined our bug reporting process to make triage quicker and more effective, ensuring each bug reaches the team that can fix it. We’ve also improved communication, providing more frequent updates on DevForum and notifying you when bugs are fixed.

The recent waves of onboarding have almost doubled the activity in the bug forum, which is putting strain on our triage process. We want each bug to get the attention it deserves, so we’re slowing down new admissions to better manage the workload and prioritize issues based on your needs.

You can still contribute to the bug reports category on DevForum by engaging with existing reports. Liking and commenting on reports helps us identify the most disruptive bugs for the community. Please continue to engage with unresolved bugs, and we’ll address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for understanding. We remain committed to improving our process and opening bug reporting to everyone, but it will take more time than we initially anticipated. Your reports are incredibly important to us, and we appreciate your contributions.

Roblox Creator Success


Does this mean that you’re restricting new users from applying to be apart of the bug reports group or does this mean that you’re slowing down the rate at which you’re reviewing applications to be apart of the group. Been waiting forever and truth behold I’ve lost nearly all my patience. I either report a bug through a system that takes 20 years to respond (I’m still waiting for a response to one I sent late April) or I go through a system that takes 200 years to even acknowledge that I exist.


Kind of expected this to happen, it’s one of the concerns I had when the bug reporting updates were announced at first. Thanks very much for keeping in touch with us about this and being proactive to ensure reports we’ve been filing don’t begin going unanswered again in the same state they were a couple of months ago. :slightly_smiling_face: