Upgraded Materials, Material Manager, and More!

Update - Aug 22

Materials are now fully released! Please see this guide for how to leverage Material Manager, 2022 Materials, and more.

Update - June 2

Hello developers!

We are excited to share with you another update for the Material Service Beta. This update has three major components:

  • Built-in Material Upgrade - the long awaited new materials are ready to use, via opt-in.
  • Material Manager - the user-friendly way to create, edit, and manage all of your materials.
  • General Improvements - improvements based on your feedback to Material Service.

These are the last major new features we intend to add to this project. We’re planning to shift our attention to polishing everything, enabling custom materials in production, and fully releasing UGC Materials. Post-release, we will gradually expand the built-in material library.

Built-in Material Upgrade (2022 Materials)

Updating Roblox Materials is not an easy feat, given the many creative ways you use them in your experiences. We knew we wanted to focus on a few key areas:

  • More realistic materials
  • Unify parts and terrain in look and feel
  • Give access to materials on parts that were previously only on terrain.
  • Preserve flexibility by making these a choice, rather than a required upgrade.

With the most recent updates to 2022 Materials, we have refined our materials beyond what you’ve seen before to make them even more visually appealing and to give them wider utility! These updates are set to an optional switch and can be used as needed.

  • Whether you use the 2022 or pre-2022 materials, you will receive new “parity” materials ensuring that materials that were formerly terrain-only are now available on parts. Note there are only 2022 versions of these, so they won’t perfectly match pre-2022 terrain materials.
  • We have unified the texel density of materials, so the resolution appears similar between materials.
  • We have also rebuilt the color maps so they support the same tinting between parts and terrain, making it even easier to match parts and terrain.
  • We entirely remade grass, dirt, cobblestone and several others to make them more visually interesting while still allowing a wide range of uses.

To access the 2022 Materials update, simply select Material Service and enable Use2022Materials.


We will leave this toggle off by default during the beta period (opt-in). Shortly after we release Material Service completely, we will change this to be on by default (opt-out). You will still be able to turn it on/off as you see fit.

Please note that due to the new tinting behavior and upgraded materials, the default colors for terrain are different between each material set. When you toggle, we do some work to auto-adjust any manually-overridden colors to try and account for the tinting change, and we highly recommend you double-check how these custom colors look with the new materials.

Here are a few examples of the new materials in action:

Material Manager

Material Manager is our new, user-friendly tool to manage, create, and apply all of your materials. To access this tool, go to the Model tab in the ribbon bar and click Materials (Material Manager replaces the old drop-down menu).

Use the view on the left to browse your materials and the middle view to see all materials and variants in the selected group.

When you select a material, the inspector on the right will appear, allowing you to edit a variant or set it as an override. The buttons on the top left allow you to Add a New Variant, Show the Selected Variant in Explorer, and Apply the Selected Material to the Selected Parts. The filter field at the top filters the current category for materials matching the entered text.

When you make a new material, you will see this dialogue, which provides image uploading and variant creation in one place:

The preview on the right is live and will update as you upload images and set properties.

Known Issue:

  • In Create/Edit Material Variant, when you change Studs Per Tile, you don’t see the preview live update. We will be fixing this shortly.
  • Live updates to tiling settings might not show properly in the current beta but will be fixed shortly.

Material Service Improvements

Since the last release of MaterialService Beta2, we’ve continued to listen to your feedback and address issues.

Terrain Grass Decoration Coloring Update

Some of you might have noticed that Terrain Grass Decoration only takes the color of Terrain Grass Material Color which may look a little jarring when the UGC diffuse texture differs from grass color. We have fixed this issue by modulating the grass color with the average of UGC diffuse texture.

MaterialPattern Now Works on Parts

mat 10

As you’ve requested, MaterialPattern now works on Parts. This helps to alleviate the tiling look on organic materials.



Greater Consistency between Part and Terrain for 2022 Materials

You brought up color shifts between Part and Terrain when using the same material and color. This has been addressed for 2022 Materials.



In addition, blending issues between UGC and base terrain materials have been addressed for 2022 Materials.



Thank you for reading, we hope you are as excited as we are!

Please keep the feedback coming, it’s been invaluable for the development of MaterialService.


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You all don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for THIS:
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 12.38.28 PM

I am so incredibly excited. Thank you so much for including the “Use2022Materials” toggle with this phase. I’ve been checking month by month for this to go live and cannot wait to use them!

This entire update is a game changer and will have a major impact on all Roblox games past, present, and future.

And so many wonderful changes and surprises to go with the new material pack.



This is so cool! I’m especially excited about the new pattern options. I’d love to see more control over how materials or textures pattern or tile in the future.


OMGGG! I am soy excited to use this! Honestly a blessed update!


I am SO excited for this one. The team behind the materialservice is going God’s work right now. Cannot wait for it to go live with all those fancy new toys :clap::clap::clap::clap:


New roblox materials 2022 are so amazing! The new features to MaterialService are incredible! I hope this will be released very soon. The new evolution of Roblox Development!


This is just incredible!

So much to do and change, would love like three weeks’ warning before they go LIVE! :sweat_smile:


Very exciting stuff!! Excited to use


Roblox has done me proud with the new material system. The possibilities are quite literally endless. Do we have a time estimate on when these features go live in Roblox Player?



These are amazing, although it may take some tweaking for most devs, they are an amazing improvement! Another great update for the Roblox Engine, well done!



The new material update is already amazing!

Is there any release timetable yet??? Really excited for this to go live!!! Might even celebrate with a massive 2 litre coke bottle when this goes live!

Edit: Honestly this is so cool, I miss the old GUI but honestly the entire material department needs a raise just for this alone!!


Thank you very much for the MaterialPattern Organic on parts!!!


Are custom materials broken right now? As of today my MaterialVariants aren’t loading in Studio.

(It’s working now, just needed to restart Studio later in the day!)


I admit, the new materials have really grown on me. The quality is a huge step up, at least when using Future lighting (something I’ll be more inclined to do now that performance improvements are being pushed).

In my currently existing games the shift in style between the original ones and the new materials is a bit too much, the colors are pretty different so I’ll probably leave them off in my older games. Not to mention, none of those games use Future so it’s not a massive issue as the PBR is what really makes them pop.

The material manager blew me away, it’s so much less tedious than playing around in the explorer. I didn’t notice it was there until I went to change the material on a part and it popped up instead.

Overall a great change, will absolutely use the new materials in any new games I make!


This is cool but how i can disable material manager and get old material selector?


Been highly anticipating this for a long time!! Yet will this apply to bricks?? Or just terrain?


Very pleased with this - it’s a shame the update wasn’t presented in this format originally, but I am glad to see that by listening to the community, we have reached a better solution.

Just one thing I need clarified:

I assume the “on by default” behaviour will only apply for newly created places? If not, I worry this may lead to a repeat of last year’s fiasco.


This is so cool

this makes the castle template even more cooler heres an image with usematerials2022 enabled can’t wait for the possibilities’ with material manager & More


I hope terrain will have the option to add materials instead of replacing them and change the smoothness for each material. Like having it more voxel instead of being smooth.