Audioscape - generate copyright-clear music tracks - beta feedback

(Updated Dec 3 with new tutorial links)
Hey everyone,

I’m OffGridDude, and I’m the Founder of Audioscape. What’s Audioscape? It’s an app that creates original music for your game.

Pick a music genre (like horror, cinematic, lofi, chiptune, synthwave), and our app crafts a unique, copyright-free track that you can edit and make variations in different styles/genres. It’s tailor-made for game developers with loop points and intensity controls.

For Roblox devs, we’ve just opened up our free private beta. We’d love feedback from Roblox Developers. Sign up here.

Here’s how the music sounds in-game.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 10.24.31 AM

Quick Demo of the App (scroll down for a full tutorial)

Full tutorial
Here’s a full walkthrough from creating music in Audioscape, uploading it into Roblox Studio, and implementing it in your game with our sample code.

Drop some honest thoughts below! For the latest, join our Discord, and follow us on Twitter, YouTube.

Future Plans

  • Expanding our genres (let us know what music you’d like to see/hear!)
  • More intuitive Roblox code samples
  • More ways to change the music the vibe dynamically in response to gameplay




Hey, I don’t think you need that much information from the Google application in order for me to sign up for your private beta.


I’m not telling you this… I think all you need is the roblox username and discord username.


This idea sort of already exists in two different websites as far as I know:

What does yours have that these don’t? Strofe is completely free, while Soundraw requires a paid license.

(edit): How are you a Regular???


No problem Tarf. We programmed the app to use an email address for your login on the site. I’ll check to see if we can modify the site to accept a username instead of an email address.

Would you like to try it if you we can figure out a way to not require an email?

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Is it possible to use Google’s login/OAuth2 instead?

Hi Blueberry!

Thanks for your feedback. We ask those first two questions to be compliant with privacy regulations.

And yes, there are a number of generative, or AI music sites out there. Make sure to read their terms of service as some don’t license their music in games at all, or require a higher tier of subscription for gaming use.

In terms of how we’re different: we are 100% focused on game developers, and we want them to have great music in their games, and for that music to be integrated well (eg: changing loops, melodies, vibes, and styles as players progress through the game).

As for the authentication method we use – yes, I’m sure we could integrate a different auth mechanism. This is our beta, and there are many things we can improve with the site, but we wanted to get it out there to developers first, so we could get your feedback, and improve the RIGHT things first.

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That sounds sketchy, I don’t trust a regular to know that I live in a strange country, and I don’t want to show my age yet


I’ll act as if I didn’t see that

Exactly, You shouldn’t be sending someone you don’t trust your location and your age for privacy reasons

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While this is true, they are only asking for your country and whether or not you are an adult. However, they still should not be asking all of this for a simple application to their closed beta. I used a spare email that I created mostly as a joke.

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He removed the part identifying his location.

Week 1 Update
Thank you Roblox developers! We had a number of developers try the tool out this week, and we had some great suggestions and some bugs reported.

Improvements: based on your feedback, we’ve updated our “horror” engine with new sounds and background “pulse” rhythms – try it out!

Bugs fixed: Chill, Cinematic, Horror, and Horror+ had a bug where they would render in mono. That is fixed, and they render in glorious stereo now. Enjoy.

Details on our discord.

The beta is still open for Roblox developers, so please feel free to sign up and DM me for your activation.


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Here are some examples of music created with Audioscape this week.




Hi Everyone!

This weekend we’re presenting a Roblox Creator Event hosted by @AnimalBot99 – a live demo of Audioscape’s music app and AMA.

Great music can elevate your game to the next level. Let’s connect, share ideas/questions, and push the boundaries of game audio together-- your music, Roblox stock music, and music made with Audioscape.:musical_note::video_game::rocket:

See you this Sunday!

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 8.45.39 AM


I wanted to get back to you @MrArronSH – you can indeed sign up for an Audioscape account “without” using an email address in the username. And you can do it without filling out the survey. But, you’ll need to DM me (or ping me in our Discord) to let me know that you signed up, so we can activate you (otherwise, we have no email to use to inform you of your activation).

December Update for

Thanks to the 100+ Roblox devs who’ve tried out the Audioscape music beta!

Based on your feedback, we’ve released an update to Audioscape today that brings:

Thanks for all your ideas – keep them coming! Our private beta is still open! Scroll up to our initial post for more info and where to sign up.



Audioscape January Update

Thank you #RobloxDevs for the great ideas and feedback!

We just released our new “OutRun” music engine, which was inspired by 80s music and a certain Netflix hit series. Have a listen below.

Our beta is still free for Roblox devs. See our original post :arrow_up: for sign-up instructions.

“OutRun” music engine:

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scratch that

i don’t get why i need to tell you where I LIVE of all things, like the age is mildly intrusive but asking someone where they live?? for an app service?? like why??

Hey @lukethebestpug

Your question is answered in the previous responses, and the survey is totally optional. You don’t have to fill it out. Just sign up for an account and DM me here and we’ll activate you.

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