March 2019 Recap: Here's what we saw last month

We’re back with our monthly recap after another busy month for the Developer community. Whether you were away for Spring break or have been paying close attention to the Developer forum, you’ll want to read this overview and keep up with the latest news:


In March, we experienced an event that received special support from our community. The Pizza Party event allowed players to receive special rewards for participating- the requirement was to enter a participating game where everyone would have a pizza launcher and hit each other with the pizzas! Sounds fun right? There where special launchers for developers and the Roblox team that would provide players hit with special and unique rewards! This event received so much participation that you can even see pictures in Twitter of our team launching pizzas. A large variety of games participated in this event, here is the list:

The type of reward you could win depended on the type of launcher you where hit with. We had 4 different launchers, Blue for the developers, Green for the employees, Pink for the influencers, and Purple for the community. By participating, you could have received the following prizes:

  • Employee: Disco Helmet: 2906897010
  • Pinata Hat: 2906898428
  • Developers: Pizza Mohawk: 2906905230
  • Princess Party Hat: 2906906446
  • Influencer: Purple Party Afro: 2906907393
  • And the GRAND PRIZE: Melon Wings: 2906907990

Congratulations to all the user who won and hopefully you all enjoyed it!

Developer Content: From the Devs and Developer Spotlights

In celebration of International Women’s Month, we spent March highlighting a few success stories of female developers on Roblox. You might have already met these developers at RDC or on the Roblox platform over the years, but you might not know the story of how they found Roblox and became masters of their disciplines. Read their stories here:

We also had an awesome article written by @jandel on why he chose Roblox. Read his reasons here: “From the Devs”: Nothing This Powerful is Ever Free- Except Roblox, by Jandel | by Roblox Developer Relations | Developer Baseplate | Medium

Updates and Changes

Here you can find a list of all the updates and changes that we saw in March:

Want to get more involved at Roblox? We’re looking for people interested in joining the Roblox team for the summer as an intern! Read details and apply here: (Closed) Apply to be an Intern at Roblox! (Summer 2019)

Featured Game Updates

Release Notes

We had an amazing March, let’s see what April holds for us! Did someone say Egg Hunt?


I did not enjoyed the Pizza Party event at all. The only thing that you needed to do is join 4 different games and get shoot by players. Developer, admin and influencer pizzas were a bad idea. It was literally impossible to join an dev, admin or an youtuber because the servers were full after 30 seconds. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who thinks this idea was bad.


It was hard for me as a Contributor for Car Crushers 2. Only the top 4 most active developers got the developer launcher, and I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t mind that. Though what was a bit annoying was me getting PMs on Roblox and DMs on Discord, all asking me to shoot them as they thought I had the launcher. The problem nowadays is people begging for stuff

RIP EVENTS! :cry: :sob:


Righty then. March, oh March. We’ve been looking forward to a month of more updates and we have indeed received that, but it seems that we’ve also found a couple of things we do not agree with. Well then - it’s time to get into it.

Pizza Party Event

I’ll be honest here chief, it doesn’t seem like many people enjoyed this event. I personally did not either, or perhaps that was because I never actually paid any attention to it.

This event seemed like overglorification and promotion for the players who were actively involved in Roblox beyond just playing games - staff, influencers and volunteering developers that submitted their games to participate in this event.

Was there any point to it? I don’t know, really. It was a party alright, of keeping tabs on members of the community and flooding their servers to be shot by pizza launchers.

What can I say?

From the Developers

As always, a huge thanks to the authors who have volunteered to write articles on the Roblox Medium page. It’s always nice to read articles of developers sharing their experiences on Roblox, personal advice and much more helpful reads. As always, amazing to see that there’s interest in writing for the Medium page and I hope that more developers contribute in the future with their own stories.

Developer Spotlights

A huge congratulations to the individuals who attained a spotlight within March. It’s always nice to hear from developers about their personal experiences on Roblox and catch a glimpse at the work they have pushed onto the platform.

There are many developers who are worth receiving the spotlight and highlighting their talents, so I’m hoping to see those individuals soon!

Updates and Changes

2018 and 2019 have been a huge burst month for Roblox to push updates to the platform. I’ve personally been following the roadmap and updates for a while and I can say without a doubt that I am quite a fan of what’s being pushed to the platform. Here are some I wanted to highlight:

  • Saving Games to the Cloud: Being able to seamlessly test and save updates without breaking production servers, as well as being able to utilise services without publishing, is very supportive for us developers. The ability to develop between devices without necessarily dragging our files along as well is something I also quite like. There are other cloud methods involved, but having a cloud method in-house makes things quite easy and intuitive.
  • Humanoid.BreakJointsOnDeath: Oh, the absolute pain it was to hack the death state or recreate joints whenever humanoids died. There’s nothing I can say about this update except profess how much I adore it (and probably about how much I will use it).
  • DMCA Policy Information Update: As we start seeing studios and games go professional and even the exposure of Roblox as it is, it’s definitely necessary to make us aware of the standing policies of IP on Roblox as well as the dangers of infringement off Roblox. If anything, Roblox is really saving us here by stopping the action before it reaches third parties and goes any further.
  • New Updates to the Toolbox!: There’s not many people (or so from what I’ve seen) who don’t realise that the toolbox is an invaluable tool for developers to access assets shared by other developers (especially in the model section). The toolbox has been in need of a touch up for some time due to its inadequacy and that has now been fulfilled! One thing I’m touchy about is the fact that the browse section is named “Marketplace”… I wonder if we’ll be able to sell models soon. Bag that with the packages feature and we may have a solution to sell copyleft software again - in a better fashion than what Private Modules offered us.
  • Roadmap Updates: NO. WAY. I’m not even going to say anything. Definitely look at the roadmap for this year and realise how many great features are on their way to us. Words cannot express how awesome this is, so you yourself should go check it out.

Release Notes

This time, I won’t be talking about the Release Notes. Typically I leave my responses to Release Notes either as likes or responses in the threads. I’ve also exhausted myself by typing too much and most of my excitement lies within the Updates and Changes section.

And so, March closes. We’re well into April and I hope that things continue to improve from here.

Last thing… look forward to the Egg Hunt. I typically enjoy all of the Egg Hunts (except 2015, cough, potentially unpopular opinion) and I’ll definitely be on the completionist bandwagon this year. Somehow, I can tell this year’s will be good. I mean, who wouldn’t get hyped with a title like “Scrambled in Time”? If you have a coherent story, time is attractive.


I hope this egg hunt isn’t the last one. Previous egg hunts have always been great. While a lot of cool stuff was released, a lot of people are against removing events. Without events, we will no longer have cool things like a pizza party…


I just can’t see pizza launchers fitting into most Roblox games. For the devs who did participate in this event, I hope that any future events run this way will be done on a larger scale. The engine updates and all were great last month, but this change to events really doesn’t seem like it’s working out the way it’s going so far.


March had some good studio updates, however I’m wondering what April will bring?

Especially now with this possibly being the last Egg Hunt as well as the start of no seasonal events. Wonder how developers will work around this and what types of community driven events can be created.


Here’s my opinion:

I’m very disappointed of the pizza event. It was way too easy to gain all the different “pizzas”, took me about a hour.

If you think it could be worse you’re right, some Spanish YouTubers went out saying everyone in the unofficial Devforum group had the Developer launcher, so there started over a week with ten Spanish children joining my game all the time and spamming down my messages. I even got that bothered that I sent an e-mail to Developer Relations to try to get them to make a statement saying we don’t have the launcher, but no, they didn’t even bother to answer my e-mail, even a no would be better.

But now they’re canceling monthly events? The yearly egg hunt have been a tradition from who knows when, and now you’re gonna ignore the feedback and end the tradition. I can live without monthly events but you simply cannot remove the egg hunt.

I’m really disappointed, all the good things doesn’t make up for the bad things this month.

(I’m not saying Roblox are dumb, but they definitely should listen to their players and Developers, after all we’re the ones making them earn anything)


Great month of development on the platform I gotta say! I’m excited to see the upcoming updates and Live-Ops, and I feel as if I can’t really make any opinion on the events announcement until I see what happens with Live-Ops haha. Either way, I’m hopeful for the future, the future is bright! (No joke intended :laughing:)

I have just updated my thread reply with my monthly recap review (rant).

Something else I’d like to point out: seems like you’ve got a duplicate link there. :slightly_smiling_face:

This happened to me.
I had a chat with someone that they claim that I have the developer launcher, while I didn’t have it.
This was the cause:

Still, I got the Watermelon Wings.

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I fully agree with you. I also Hope egg hunt will Stay because we see it grow every year. I always was hyped for egg hunt and other events. I even swore myself getting every event item (From events etc). I enjoy egg hunt alot.

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I have to say that the pizza party event was disappointing, however it looks like the egg hunt will be no different. On the RBX Leaks discord server (for those who don’t know, it posts when a new item is created) some new items are coming out, and they are launchers. Eggmin Launcher 2019 Not sure what roblox is thinking, but this is very sad :frowning: I wish they would listen to the community a little more. image
Note there were still eggs being created in the leaks system of RBX leaks. But it is still odd to see these also released.

Roblox has nearly ALWAYS had an admin launcher. It’s interesting to see the addition of the influencer launcher this year though.

I think this year’s hunt has potential to be great.


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