PSA: The Roblox App Beta for Windows is Chugging Along!

Hey ya’ll!

Almost a year ago, @phri posted about the original Roblox app beta for Windows rolling out to 1% of users. In March, we ramped it up to 5% of users, and this week we ramped it up to 10%!

As a reminder: This beta alters the flow of how someone joins an experience and where they can purchase Premium and Robux.

Updated! A few important things:

  • 10% of Windows users will be eligible enter the beta
  • For 5% of users, its an auto opt-in process. If you are part of that 5%, clicking on the join/play button will auto-opt you into the beta.
  • All users of that device will experience the beta once opted-in
  • To opt-out, you can opt-out in account settings in the beta. Note, every time you delete and reinstall Roblox, you’ll be re-opted in.

Something feels off!

  • If something about the beta feels off, or if you’re opting out, please feel free to leave us a note here about why so we can follow up. We’ve spent that last year working out a lot of the major issues, so we hope that’s not the case.

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With the aim being a seamless Roblox experience, will this open the door for stuff such as a more advanced avatar editor later down the line?

Mobile and Xbox both have editors where you can see changes live rather than waiting for the avatar thumbnail to refresh on the website. Being able to get instant feedback on avatar changes is something I’ve always felt would be a big step towards new features like letting us reposition our accessories on our avatars.


This one’s gonna be an opt-out for me. I love how seamless it is, but I dislike the mobile UI design, I feel like everything is too big.


The UI in PC is very neat! It is much faster at loading/unloading games than the website and same goes for catalog and its items.

My only complain about it is that the discover menu makes my fps go down when scrolling, probably due to the big amount of games being shown, other than that It is looking nice, keep the hard work.


Should probably change this to reflect that it now supports 10% of all Windows users.

Edit: wait how did I quote a private topic?


My only complaint is this annoying prompt. I’ve been using this beta for a few months and this was only added.

Please just add a Don't show this again option or something; having to press close twice, or tap alt+f4 twice, or having to then click Leave Roblox is just painful, especially when you’re regularly joining and then leaving Roblox games for testing purposes.


Fun fact: There used to be a “Don’t show this again” option (during the 1% release), it was simply removed later.


One complaint, I see on the player list in the new in-game escape menu it only displays usernames and not display names, This has caused confusion for me and some friends. Maybe show both the Display name and Username like the in-game friend prompt on the leaderboard. image


No, this is better. Forcing in display names or just showing display names is very annoying as display names are not unique.


Then instead click on “Explore more Roblox” to check out more games? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wasn’t just added, it was always there


The engine still runs at full speed, even if you’re in the main menu. A huge performance hog if you already have studio open.


Also this new app doesn’t seem to work if I specifically tell it to join a specific server (it’ll just join any server, usually not the one I ask it to – especially if the requested server is full), unless that’s been changed in the past 2-3 weeks.

I get the UX intention but if I tell it I want to be in a specific server, I want to be in a specific server.

I did notice that, its laggy in the main menu but this feature is still in BETA BETA BETA and not fully released so everything is expected.


It has been under development for nearly a year. All of the UX fixes that have been suggested since day one should’ve been implemented by now.

As I stated earlier, it has actually regressed in a few areas.


We’re speaking about a whole application so that is normally it will take this long.

It’s not a new application but just the client launched with the --app argument.

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It’s not a “whole application”. Just some marketing.

In actuality, it’s just the mobile UI framework and design, implemented in the existing program. The ui itself is actually just a plain old ScreenGUI in a CoreGUI. That excuse is simply not valid.


And it’s already used in production on touch devices! Notice a lot of pages (such as avatar editing and game page) are the same.