[Resolved] ROBLOX instantly crashes on launch!

I have been facing crash on launch issues with ROBLOX for a while now, I have tried reinstalling my roblox by completing deleting all files relating to roblox, launch roblox on a clean boot and resetting my pc’s settings and nothing worked so far and I have had this issue for just over a day now.

What is the issue?

Joining any experience on roblox results in a instant crash after “Roblox is Starting”, noted by other players who face a similar issues:

Video of the crash on launch:

What solutions have you tried so far?

I have tried all the methods provided by Bitdancer (via his thread about it) and I still face the issue about roblox crashing on launch.

Dump File



I got same thing bro, im having 64 bit windows 10, but in task manager it says roblox launching as 32 bit. I tried everything i seen as solutions, everything you listed, also running as administrator didnt work. Nothing did. Also i want to mention my roblox worked 2 days ago normally, and it was 64 bit launched instead of 32. I hope it is issue on roblox side. Im feeling really bored.



Right before crashing this is what the “Starting Roblox” shows up as (32 bit) quite weird.


Yeah, exactly same! Btw i tried contacting roblox on support site and then thru emails, they was asking for more info like bots bro. So you don’t need to waste your time on support site and answering on emails from support. We need to wait until they fix the core of problem, theres no way of fixing our situation as far as i know.


Yeah I have the same problem and seems like it tries to start the game as 32-bit for some reason, really weird because seems like everyone doesnt have this problem


ALRIGHT GUYS! I FOUND SOLUTION! Basically you need to open disk on which you have downloaded roblox (for me its C), right mouse click on it, then click clear/clean disk (or whatever its called), choose everything on the list, and press ok, NOT SYSTEM FILES, BE CAREFUL IF YOU DONT REALLY KNOW OR UNDERSTAND HOW ITS DONE. and then when clearing the cache, bin, temp files and etc complete, you can open roblox!!!


Im will be happy if it will help others too :smiley:


Just tested it, that works well thank you so much!!!


it worked thanks so much :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


THANK YOU! I can finally play roblox now without crashing.


Didnt work. Ive tried this many times


this does not work and does not seem safe to do too
i had to fully restart my pc after i did this because it almost crashed


worked, thank you so much :pray: what a legend

This only was tested on windows 11 and 10 not sure about other versions of windows.

This solution helped me! Although I tried joining Counter Blox, Griffin’s Destiny and Saber Showdown but still either crashed or got white screen and then it started loading the game and then it froze and closed itself. Then I tried joining Catalog Avatar Creator, Be an Alien: Renewal and again Saber Showdown and it worked.

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No, if the game is leaving files behind that cause it to crash, the “solution” is for ROBLOX to fix it. :smile:


thanks for the solution! i am now able to play roblox again


Well… I had the same problem and your solution worked but now after like a week my friend has the same problem and when he tries to clean his disk, roblox still wont open. Idk how to help him now

I’d recommend sending the crash report to the bug support section for the roblox team to check.

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didnt work at all, yes i cleared out everything