September Recap: Everything You Need to Know About Last Month in the Developer Community

We’re sad to see summer come to a close, but excited for what’s coming up in the remaining months of 2018!

September was another busy month for developers and Roblox alike, and with school back in full swing, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything that has happened over the last month. We’ve compiled a list of important updates, changes, and content that has been posted on the Developer Forum and Medium- be sure to read up to stay in the loop!

Developer Content: From the Devs and Developer Spotlights

With the end of September came the end of our monetization theme on Medium. We had some fantastic contributions from developers who have experience leveraging monetization tactics in their games. We also had developers provide tutorials on how you can incorporate monetization into your own game. Learn from your fellow developers’ experiences and read what worked for them:

If you haven’t already heard, we are expanding opportunities for developers to submit their own content for publication on the Roblox Developer Relations Medium page. You can find the page here, and it is also promoted on our @robloxdevrel Twitter handle and Roblox Developer Hub’s front page. If you’d like to apply to write an article, please review the details here:

Don’t forget the spotlights! We issue developer and Featured Game spotlights on the Developer Forum so that developers have an opportunity to get to know their fellow developers and creators. Check out the spotlights that hit the Developer Forum this past month:

Updates and Changes

At Roblox, we are constantly working towards bettering the tools that we provide to the developer community to aid them in their Roblox development career. We had numerous features and updates released in September! Check out the list below:

Feature Updates:

Release Notes:

Featured Games Updates:

Content and Programmatic Updates:

Featured Games

We had two different updates to the Featured Game list this month! You can check out the Featured Game schedule and keep track of when new games are coming here: Official Featured Games Release Schedule

Vet Simulator | @BlockFaceSteve @Blockfacebob @blockfacebomb
Color Craze | @gdunn2
Brawl of Champions | @RitchUK
Towers | @UndoneBuilder
AIRSOFT | @i_eetANts
Wanted | @JustDevv
Roblox Titanic | @TheAmazeman @Inyo22 @Mistertitanic44
Roblox Run | @HenryDev @erickthepresident @FierceByte
Acceleration Rush | @AhsanVII @JacksonAHewitt
Temple of Memories | @As8D @Crykee
Blox Surfers | @ActiveWizard @explod_e @OfficiallyPixel
Disaster Dome | @BuildIntoGames
Clueless | @SteadyOn
Dedoxed | @Stratiz
Vibrant Venture | @Patrickblox @nick682
@Partcline @Jurloo @Masteralan @Polyhex @As8D @Inigo18 @holidaypwner @phoqus
REDSHIFT | @TheRings0fSaturn
Wolves Life 3 | @Shyfoox


Aaaaaand there it is! Our monthly overview of what the developer community has been up to this September, as well as everything new and dandy on the platform. Again, thank you to the Developer Relations Team for keeping us updated with this awesome initiative of covering the month’s works.

Regarding the Medium articles, I almost forgot that those posts existed. It seems like the Medium page has started getting really active and pumping out tons of helpful, insightful and generally interesting articles, so I’ll be sure to give them a read sometime soon.

As far as Updates and Changes go, I’ve been very excited. Us developers have been getting new tools to make our games better and the player experience even grander than before. The future is also something to look forward to - there is a lot of things still planned on the agenda and we’re just getting started. We have wonderful tools from before and we can expect to get even better tools as the months move along. We already saw with the recent Studio-only release of voxel lighting. I think out of the updates listed, these are my favorite:

  • Free Thumbnails: I couldn’t ask for anything better. As the range of developers expands, free thumbnails allows everyone to express their games and graphics from the get-go without the block of a fee. Sometimes, we need even just those few 10-20 Robux for other funding purposes. I’m personally waiting for the time when badges will also be made free (if ever - there’s been Feature Requests for it before, I believe). It happened with game passes, it happened now with thumbnails, so let’s cross our fingers that we’ll be able to set up achievements for our players free of charge.
  • Restricted Games Hiding: This was a really smart move. It doesn’t make sense that a game that can’t be played by everyone shows up on the games list and takes up space where other games can have the opportunity to shine. It’s also been noted that this has been exploited before (locking a game to secure top spots). This feature both eliminates the misuse of the games page and gives public games a chance to shine in one of the top spots.

Update notes are always worth checking out if you have a spare pocket of time in your day, as are CloneTrooper1019’s API Difference posts. You get to see what’s new in Studio and what’s been added. Combined, these two update posts deliver the good news everyone wants! or so i think

And finally, a big congratulations to the developers who made it onto the Featured Sort this month! You’ve made awesome games that differing communities enjoy and got a chance to receive further exposure for your games. I look forward to trying a couple out sometime when I’m not busy.

Here’s to a bright October (wink wink, Future is Bright coming soon™).


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