The visual scripting plugin | EventBlocks! [1.5K+ installs!]

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Hello developers!
EventBlocks is finally released. A lot of people have been waiting for this and here it goes.

What is EventBlocks?

EventBlocks is currently the first and only visual scripting plugin on Roblox. It is made to make scripting available for anyone!

What’s the price?

EventBlocks costs 65 Robux.

Is there a documentation?

Yes, it’s built into the plugin and it’s called EventBlocks Devhub (or just Devhub in this topic).
Also, there’s a simple tutorial/demonstration video:

Is this plugin capable of making an actual game?

It depends how good you are at understanding how the plugin works. If you take the effort to learn it, you can create tycoons, obbies, simulators, story games and so on.
It has every main feature you need!

  • saving and loading player progress
  • gui support
  • leaderstats
  • local scripts and server scripts
  • documentation for every block
  • and more…

Pictures of EventBlocks

See pictures


How to open the block editor?

Click the arrow to open it up.
Use the plus button to create scripts. (select an object to add the script into)

Install the plugin here


The GUI won’t appear?

I don’t know why but this is a common issue.
So, here are the solutions:

  1. Restart Roblox Studio.
  2. Disable then Enable the plugin.
  3. In Roblox Studio go to the ‘Plugins’ tab and click on ‘Toggle EventBlocks’.
  4. Make sure you’ve granted script injection permission!

Roblox Community Group!


If you wish to donate the project, you can do that in two ways:
1, Buy the plugin
2, Use the Donation Game

A future alternative.

If you feel like EventBlocks is not the plugin that fits for you, I recommend checking out LuaBlocks(not by me). It’s not done yet, but it’s a completely different approach so check out the post:

I hope you like the plugin! Have great day!


Other tagged people (I can only mention 20 in the OP…)


Nice! I will download it. I hope that it can have more functions.

It doesn’t have a lot of functions right now. But there will be more in the future.


I did say this in a previous post, but you should use getfenv so it tracks the built in functions.

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I don’t see why would I need that. Could you explain it?


I’d advise against since Roblox makes it undiscoverable if you use that.

Will definitely download when I’m not playing on Tortimer Island in Animal Crossing New Leaf lol


Looks really cool! Does it have support for a simple thing such as changing a property of an object?

EX. A block with 3 fields which would be the object, a string for the property name, and then the value.

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Good idea! I will add that.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Huh? I never knew that. But just because Roblox makes it undiscoverable does not mean it shouldn’t never be used, I know that using getfenv can cause issues.

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Great! One more question, why do you have a full ‘vars’ module for a single value? What other values with you be tracking in it, otherwise, it seems like a waste of resources potentially.

local module = {}

module.gui = nil

return module

Oh yeah, and please use anchor point (0.5, 0.5) for GUI. Along with changing your offset to scale. It’ll help for the UI to look better on all screens.

It’s a recent plugin marketplace change, that’s probably why you haven’t heard of it.

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It gets set from the main code. Almost every module uses it. Please do not share source code here. The plugin is considered to be closed source. It’s free just for testing.


Here’s the 10th devlog by the way:

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So when will you make this paid?

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Ah, my bad. I’ll make sure not to do that.

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And how much will it be for?
(29+1 chars)

Tomorrow, or one day after that. It depends on how the plugin succeeds.

It will be 125 robux.


oh god, i need to archive this quick. Can you delay this a bit? 3 days should be perfect.

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Can’t you just install the plugin? Or do you need studio to do that?

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