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Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

This is a summary of our forum rules. You can find the full rules list below this post. Do not spam Every reply must be meaningful, contributive, and on-topic. Do not re-post what others have already said, do not post m…

47 January 21, 2020
About the Updates category 1 August 3, 2016
How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum

On the Roblox Developer Forum, we have several community ranks that users can obtain as they browse and participate on the forum. Your forum rank determines which categories you can see, where you can post new topics, an…

4 August 5, 2019
How to join the Roblox Developer Forum

Welcome to the Roblox Developer Forum! What is this forum? The Developer Forum supports new and experienced Roblox developers in all things related to Roblox development. Inside, you can learn from our rich developer c…

1 June 21, 2017
Luau Type Checking Beta! 215 February 21, 2020
About our upcoming Global Compliance System 83 February 21, 2020
Introducing Premium Payouts! 310 February 21, 2020
PlayerList Updates 336 February 21, 2020
UGC Catalog is Now Live! 437 February 21, 2020
Packages: Sharing & Collaboration [Activated!] 35 February 21, 2020
[Beta - Test Me!] Sleeping Part Behavior Improvements 62 February 21, 2020
PSA: Removing legacy touch controls 46 February 21, 2020
Introducing Grass 460 February 21, 2020
Roblox 2019 Events Update 649 February 21, 2020
Quickest Open in the West! 43 February 21, 2020
Release Notes for 420 21 February 20, 2020
Future Is Bright: Phase 2.5 Released 219 February 20, 2020
Luau in Studio beta! 17 February 20, 2020
Introducing Configure Group 355 February 20, 2020
Introducing the "Avatar Evolution" Studio Beta Build! 342 February 20, 2020
Collaborative Editing is going to be the new default in Team Create 56 February 20, 2020
DevForum Following is now live! 61 February 20, 2020
Save the Date: RDC 2020!
345 February 19, 2020
Change To Humanoid Animate LocalScript 11 February 19, 2020
Roblox Summer 2020 Internship Opportunities! 17 February 19, 2020
In response to the 'oof' sound discussion 380 February 19, 2020
Animation Editor has moved out of Beta again 92 February 19, 2020
Release Notes for 416 10 February 18, 2020
Release Notes for 408 16 February 17, 2020
Avatar Loading Event Ordering Improvements 31 February 17, 2020