THULiCORE's portfolio

Hello there. I’m Thuli and I am a detailed builder on Roblox Studio. I can also script a bit.

Note: Because my building skill improves rapidly, I have to edit this a lot. This is why there are 20+ edits on this portfolio.

You can view my assets here, from newest to oldest:

I am working for Astro airline as a builder, as well as Chili’s cafe, Steppin Brand$, NE Airways and Fox Studios.

I have now successfully obtained intristic in Roblox Architects: ROBLOX Architects - Roblox

Latest top comissions:

Here are a few screenshots of my work:

I am available for 6-8 hours of work on the weekends, as well as 2-3 hours a day on weekdays, and 7-10 hours during school holidays. You can contact me any time. **(It is summer holidays until 5th September)*"

Prices are negotiable, depending on the type of work.

We can discuss pay if you hire me. My preferred payment method is Robux. I do not take USD currently.

My main form of contact is Discord:
I check Roblox PMs between 6-7pm BST.
You can also contact me here on the Developer Forum, I check it about 5 times a day.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope to work with you in future.

2022-03-26: This was edited to archive it.


I couldn’t help but notice some of your games had immense lag and frame drops, You might wanna fix that for later projetcs, Either way nice builds


It’s normally because of unoptimized Future is Bright 3 lighting. Using a mobile device can counter this for the time being.

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When testing I put my graphics down to the lowest and with the future is bright update setting your graphics below a certain amount turns it into Voxel lighting and even with that there were frame drops

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Will keep in mind for future builds, doing a rooftop cafe rn, only 7k parts so far, it should stay below 20k

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builds look :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: What did you use to make them?

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100% Roblox Studio, 0% Blender.

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cool! :fire: :fire: :fire: work to let you know.

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I thought your builds were pictures of real life things at first, because of how realistic they are.

Haha! Thank you.

Some of my builds are inspired heavily by real-world things, though. One example is that the 6th-9th images are inspired by Hong Kong’s Central Market.

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I love your work! It’s been very fun seeing the high detailed images on Cool Creations! Next time (if there is a next time) could you tag me in the post? I love your builds!

I love your build style! How many parts do you usually have in your builds? They seem very detailed.

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Market has 70,000 parts. I clearly need to optimize it but I have zero motivation to do so.

727 Store has 40K parts. It’s the best cross between detail and part count.

Toilets will be removed soon when there’s a suitable replacement. It has close to 22,222 parts.

Chili’s cafe is under refurbishment, but about 18,888 parts.

Rooftop cafe is also going to be removed soon, but 50,000 parts ish.

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Update: Expect a theatre to appear here next. It was going to be a homestore, but sadly I got scammed. Over the next week, I wish to do super speed super quality comissions.

Also, I’m going to redo all the Images using new materials.

I also decided to put this in a separate post because I despise the number 14, so I seriously dislike having 14 replies to my portfolio.

Update: New homestore build added.

What type of prcies for an idea?

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For an idea? Unknown. I’m actually not that great at ideas personally.

No I mean like an idea of what the prices would be, like small build - x amount of robux.

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At that point, it really depends on what the idea is. A PC setup? 100-200. A massive recreation of the whole of the USA? uuuuhhh probably 10 million or more…