Operation: Strife - Devlog #18 | Test place, nerfs, buffs, and a big announcement

So this is gonna be kind of a filler update/announcement thing. (to update y’all on stuff)

The main thing here is that there is now a test place and that’s gonna have all the new buggy updates - the main game should be bug-free since I’ll be publishing all future updates to the test place and only releasing them in the main game until I’ve evaluated that it’s bug free.


• Nerfed AK47 by adding more recoil
• Nerfed GLOCK18 by adding more recoil


• Buffed AUG A2 by reducing recoil and adding damage
• Buffed MP7 by reducing recoil

Test place: test place - Roblox

Also, the announcement is that I’m gonna stop with these daily updates and do one bigger update at the end of each week.

Peace out.