FPS Game Devlog | #25 - The Biggest Update So Far

Quick disclaimer - please don’t tell me to move this to another category. I’ve posted devlogs multiple times in cool creations since they’re meant to be fun and interactive with the community pitching ideas as well as giving feedback and things like that.

Wow, I’m finally back! It’s been a week and a day - and in that time I’ve been working on Operation: Strife’s biggest update so far. I’ll be splitting this devlog into different sections due to how massive it is. With that, let’s get straight into it.

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Animations (finally!)

I’ve completed the animations for the game. I think they mostly turned out pretty lit. This has been requested many times now, so, here ya go fellas. Here’s a short sample of some of the best animations I’ve made.

(Note - these videos were recorded at different times so the map/ui/layout may look different in each)





That was just a short montage of all there is, so I recommend that you go play the game for the full experience. [BETA] Operation: Strife - Roblox

Engine changes

• Knifing has been added back! This has also been requested quite a bit, so, enjoy!

• Attatchments disabled for now since the data-store loading/saving was causing me a few game-breaking issues.

• Disabled bunny-hopping (meaning you can’t hold space and jump and there is a jump-cooldown)

• Changed font from Gotham to a font that I forgot the name of - looks pretty epic though.

• Added new experimental weapon sway when moving camera left/right/up/down. You might have noticed this already.

• New killfeed and damage markers.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed bugs where bullet hole would appear six times lmao

New guns

There are a lot of new guns so I’ll go through each one.

Galil AR

You might know this gun from Counter-Strike. It features a lower fire-rate with moderate damage. An all round good gun to use, you might call it a Jack Of All Trades.

In-game description

The Galil AR is an Israeli assault rifle featured in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Moderate damage with mildly high damage.


This is just a burst variant of the M4A1 carbine. It’s in the same family as it (the M4 family) so I’ll probably reclass it to a carbine later on. Weaker damage but higher accuracy and fire-rate.

In-game description

None yet lol I’ll add one soon


A german SMG with high damage but ass fire-rate compared to the rest.

In-game description

The UMP-45 is a German PDW and is the successor to the MP5 series of weapons. Moderate fire rate with higher damage for an SMG.

PP-19 Bizon

This is a Russian SMG with ass damage and ass fire-rate and weird recoil. The only upside would be the high mag capacity of 53 (I think) bullets.

In-game description

The PP-19 Bizon was a submachine gun developed in 1993, headed by Mikhail Kalashnikov’s son, Victor Kalashnikov. It has lower damage but a massive magazine compared to its competitors.


A suppressed version of the H&K P2000.

In-game description

The P2000-S is a suppressed version of the Heckler and Koch P2000. Lower fire-rate but higher damage.

Desert Eagle

A handcannon hailing from Israel. Massive damage for a pistol at the expense of a lot of fire-rate.

In-game description

A heavy duty pistol from Israel. High damage, low RPM, massive stopping power, it will rip through anyone with ease.

Here’s a list of things that I’m planning on adding sooner or later, with an ETA on when it should be released. (delayed because of the animation port)

More guns - N/a since I’ll be actively adding more stuff.

Game mechanics and objectives - ETA two-to-three weeks, I’m working on a ‘King of the Hill’ system atm. :eyes:

A ton of bug fixes - ETA N/A

Crouching - I’m bad at making this sort of thing, so ETA N/A as well


Lol, that wasn’t easy cramming a whole week’s worth of work into one short devlog, hope y’all enjoyed though.

Join my comms server on Discord (server invite code is 5pc3tb2Zab) if you haven’t already, thats it for this devlog!

Credits for contributors and stuff

@FrigidYeti for building the office map in-game and constantly working on it as well lmao, also posting bug reports

• Fat Robin#7422 on Discord for working on an unreleased map and also for posting bug reports

You can play the beta version here: Operation: Strife - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: 5pc3tb2Zab


Nice! I really like the new animations and models. You should still work on animations, but it’s better than it was before and I love it!