FPS Game Devlog | #23 - New BURST mechanic, New P90 and Five-seveN, Votekicking system and more!

Wow, it’s been literally a week since my last devlog.
Sorry for the silence! :sweat_smile:

I might start doing larger devlogs weekly instead of a small devlog every few days. Please let me know your standpoint on this.

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So I’ve got a lot done in this update, let me go over them all.

New P90 and Five-seven - pretty self explanatory! Two new guns to play with - an SMG and a pistol. Both have pretty high mag sizes but lower damage and recoil.

– P90 in-game description:

The FN P90 is a high-capacity low-recoil submachine gun which uses the FN 5.7x28mm round. It was developed alongside the FN Five-seveN - also a high capacity low damage gun.

– Five-seveN in-game description:

Five-seveN - no, that’s not a typo. A pistol made by FN to be used alongside its sister weapon, the P90. It features a high-capacity magazine but with lower damage.

Votekicking - currently not fully finished with still a ton of bugs - do report them in the comments or in my server (server invite code 5pc3tb2Zab on Discord).

Press P to type in a player’s name, then hit enter and a votekick will pop up. The server has 30 seconds to decide whether to kick the player or not!

New bursting feature - this has been in progress for the looooongest time. Finally today it’s out! Essentially it’s a three-round burst in one click. If you’ve played FPS games before you’ll know what this is. Currently only available on the GLOCK-18 but will definitely add more burst guns later on.

Dynamic lighting based on time of day

Lighting effects - Just to make the game look prettier and not like it was made by a seven-year-old.

Nerfs and buffs - This was inevitable, the meta before this was just AK47 + Glock-18.

- Nerfed Glock-18 by changing it from AUTO to BURST.
- Nerfed AK47 by adding slightly more recoil
- Buffed M1911 by adding more damage (Slightly)

A few gun model changes

ADS’ing - A highly requested mechanic to add back in. I’m still working on it! It’s only available on three guns (AK47, M16A3, Glock-18) at the moment but will spread to all hopefully by the next update.

Prototype settings menu (currently not in game)

Here’s a list of things that I’m planning on adding sooner or later, with an ETA on when it should be released.

ADS’ing on every gun - ETA hopefully Wednesday or Thursday next week, sooner might be possible though

More guns/attatchments - I don’t plan on adding more guns/attatchments for the moment unless someone suggests one, this is because I want to get the game mechanics and finish the UI revamp out before I continue making guns like crazy. - ETA N/A

Game mechanics - ETA two-to-three weeks

Finishing the UI revamp - ETA Wednesday or Thursday (will be definitely added in next update)

A ton of bug fixes - ETA N/A

Walk, jump etc sound changes - ETA update after next since it’s not that important lol

Crouching - I’m bad at making this sort of thing, so ETA probably update after next as well

Pictures from this update:

Join my comms server on Discord (server invite code is 5pc3tb2Zab) if you haven’t already, thats it for this devlog!

Credits for contributors and stuff

@FrigidYeti for building the office map in-game and constantly working on it as well lmao, also posting bug reports

• Fat Robin#7422 on Discord for working on an unreleased map and also for posting bug reports

You can play the beta version here: [BETA] Operation: Strife - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: 5pc3tb2Zab