FPS Game Devlog | #28 - A Fresh Start

Wow, it’s been a while…

I’m officially back.

You might have noticed that I’ve been gone for a good while (around a month). You probably didn’t really wonder where I had gone off to. Well, I’m going to answer these non-existent questions of yours.

I’ve remade Operation: Strife from the ground up. No more crappy UI. No more buggy mechanics. No more bad handling. No more blocky arms, in fact.

I present to you… well, still Operation: Strife. Just remade so it’s five times better.

Let’s get into this devlog, shall we?

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Essentially, I remade the game from the ground-up. It’s much more optimised than the crappy code I originally wrote and it allows for much more customisation.

This might shock some of you - we now have realistic arms. Yeah, you heard that right. I’m trying to go for a realistic style here so I thought I’d experiment with realistic view-models.

New weapon handling and loading system

I’m going to be honest here - the first version of the game didn’t have separate view model and guns. Each weapon model had its own arms. Yeah, bad optimisation, I know.

Now, I’ve finally learnt that Motor6D’s are a thing, so I don’t have to go through the lengthy process of adding arms in when I want to make a new gun. :sweat_smile:

These beautiful objects are the base of my game.

in this beautiful image screenshotted by yours truly, you can see that the weapon model is fully rigged and ready to go.

New UI

I say this all the time, but my old UI was horrendous. Legend says people could catch all sorts of diseases, just by glancing at it. So, I revamped it.

It now goes for more of a minimalistic style and actually might not make your eyes bleed (10% success rate, 1/10 doctors recommend).

You might have noticed the new weapon silhouettes. I’m proud of them. heh

Obviously the UI will continue to be updated from time-to-time to make it less damaging to your eyes.

Sprinting and crouching

I think this may have been one of the most requested features to be added to the game. So, I added it because I was bored. It may or may not have taken me three hours to work out how to make the crouching system



Other changes

• FPS counter, wow pog :PogU:

• Bolt now actually moves when you shoot for added realism B)

• New muzzle effects including smoke

• New “Play Legacy” button if you want to play the old version for whatever reason


• Loading screen

I tried my very best to condense a month’s worth of work into one small dev-log! If you want the full experience you better play the game yourself.

Join my comms server on Discord (server invite code is 5pc3tb2Zab) if you haven’t already!

Credits for contributors and stuff

@YetiKing666 for building the office map in-game and constantly working on it as well lmao, also posting bug reports

@dominik4242 for building the mall map prototype

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: 5pc3tb2Zab


Hello one question,

Are you using free assets for hands and guns??

If yes can I know where did you get that from?

As i am also experimenting with making fps games and i am trash at modeling so it would be nice if i can get placeholder models which i can replace once i can hire modelers

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The guns are baseline ACS models with a bit of retexturing and recolouring by me. Honestly you should learn how to model even though I can barely do it myself so I don’t know why I’m recommending it to you

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They want to know if they were made by hand or not.

@iceking_gfx you might need to hold me up on my promise of making a map, I literally haven’t made progress lol

I should make a trello board or smthn


I checked out the game, its really good in my opinion. Although its kind of hard to be in the menu without getting killed when theres multiple people in a server, that doesnt really matter if your fast enough though. keep up the good work!

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I recommend adding a menu for keybinds

so you can change it’s settings or see how to do certain things


I love how the game works and is very realistic, only 1 thing I would recommend fixing.

When aiming with the deagle it seems a bit slanted, maybe make it straighter yknow.

Otherwise I like it!

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I was thinking of doing that. :sweat_smile:


This is actually quite good! Looking forward to game being released!


THE LEGEND IS BACK!!! only thing i gotta say is that viewmodel holding the gun just looks WEIRD


Which gun? 3000000000000000000000000000

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uh, pretty much all of them lol

Can you tell me how it looks weird? I wanna improve the posing lol

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Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 1.19.16 PM
the fingers are not grabbing the handle (the ones that go to the trigger) and the thumb ain’t grippin tight enough for all of them. sometimes the fingers go inside the gunScreen Shot 2021-06-05 at 1.19.58 PM
do those hands not look weird?

I guess but I can’t really deform the mesh like I would be able to in Blender. I could try to make it a bit more realistic though

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I fixed the issue of being killed before deploying. :sweat_smile:

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You don’t have to make a map for the game - don’t feel obliged to have to contribute! your choice if you want to make a map or not, if you don’t feel like it or don’t have the time then don’t worry


This is pretty good, especially on turned up graphics this game looks sick!


I want to lol
I’m just lazy
Good job on the game, it’s come a long way.

Wow, this looks really great! I do have one suggestion: make it so a headshot takes away more damage. But, I think it is spectacular how you made this incredible-looking game— here on Roblox.

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