FPS Game Devlog | #21 - Chat Tags, Credits, Monetisation and more!

‘wow moneyz’ - IceKing, 2021

Previously, monetisation wasn’t really a thing in the game. Now, it is. You can spend your money on Credits, which you can use to buy things in-game. Currently, only a chat-tag is available but I will add more things in soon!

If you’re feeling nice, go buy a chat tag. It’ll make you look cool. :sunglasses:

Also go buy some credits if you’re feeling nice.

–shameless plug over–

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You can purchase credits by clicking on the credits thing in the bottom right. Chat tags are currently priced at R$ 150 or 1500 credits. If you want to buy credits, the pricing list is here:

• 50 Credits - 10 R$
• 100 Credits - 25 R$

Throw your money in my face as much as you want. (WIth permission, ofcourse.)

This is kinda confusing but you buy chat tags in the Shop, and credits through clicking the credits thing at the bottom. :smiley:

Other new features include:

• Bug fixed where suppressors lowered damage by more than they were meant to

• Prototype system where you auto respawn on death

• New loading screen with game art

Things I’m planning to add

More weapon classes and guns.

More attatchment classes and attatchments.

Maps - you can contribute to the game by sending a map you’ve made to me through Discord at IceKing1x#6969. You can provide full credits on the map and I will do that as well in the GUI. Currently I can’t pay map-makers, sorry!

Round system, currency system, skin system

Pics and stuff

Join my comms server (invite code is kU6Cqmjxxh) if you haven’t already, thats it for this devlog! Huge props to @YetiKing666 for helping a lot with the game (map making, testing, generally just being dogwater at the game so I have a dummy to test on)

You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: kU6Cqmjxxh


Re add the dummies!
nobody to fight :agh:

The GFX don’t really match the game imo.
You should also save player’s chosen/equipped weapons.

The weapons do save, and the game art is only temporary until I can be assed to make some. :sweat_smile:

So, my honest feedback after briefly playing this: It’s a good start, but definitely needs a lot of work.

So, obviously things like the weapon meshes/UI/assets need work, but I’m assuming most of that is temporary. I will say, it’s probably a bad idea to do stairs the way you’re doing - depending on how your first person module is set up (and yours seems to have this problem), walking up stairs with gaps doesn’t work very nicely. Now onto the bigger things

Your animations are decent, but not anything special. Again, I assume most of this is down to it being in early stages but I will say the sway feels very very off. The animation itself is fine, but the speed/amount of it for walking is way too fast/intense and it doesn’t change enough for sprinting. I’d look to try and emulate the way other FPS games do their sway in terms of feel.

Walk/sprint speed doesn’t have enough of a difference either.

It’s also a bit odd there’s no aiming? That’s a staple of FPS games at this point, and typically games that don’t have it usually have an aesthetic/balance reason for it (for example, Battlefront 2 doesn’t feature it on all guns to not give an advantage to first person players.) You might wanna look into adding that at some point.

Overall, I think this is a good start to an FPS framework. I would work more on nailing the essentials and getting the feel of it down - there’s a good basis there, and that’s one of the most important parts.

Also, as others have mentioned, adding microtransactions is in pretty poor taste given how you don’t actually have a game yet.

You monetized the game before it’s even in a playable state? Forgive me, but that’s some seriously faulty logic. At the moment, you have a programmer-art riddled game with little to no adequate multiplayer components on a map so incredibly tiny it serves no other purpose than to take up unused space. I’ve worked on plenty of games like yours and never EVER thought about monetization before actually polishing up the game itself.

Two “devlogs” ago, you added attachments (a vital part of any FPS that should come relatively early in the development), and now you’ve leaped to credits and microtransactions? What happened? Are you making a game for fun or want to cash out while your game is semi-popular on the DevForum?


I think you might want to think before you make a post like this critiquing my development process. What do you mean by ‘multiplayer components’?

I believe I mentioned that the game wasn’t done yet, if you’re judging it based on other finished games then you’re not being that helpful. The mapping process is being worked on.

The reasoning I worked on microtransactions is because that I wanted to release the credits system. Without microtransactions you can’t get hold of credits in any way, so it’s there for now for people to get them if they want.

Just because I make one devlog with credits as a part of the update does NOT mean I’m aiming to cash out and get some money.

This whole project is simply for enjoyment and I hope to benefit from it both in knowledge and experience. please don’t take this reply the wrong way, I do appreciate the critique/feedback and I’ll do something about it.

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I don’t actually make the builds/maps, but I will forward this on to the people that do. Keep in mind the assets are still in a really early stage.

It actually does but I agree on the fact that it’s barely noticeable.

I’m delaying the re-release of ADS’ing because I’m still working on getting the optics/sights system working.

I added this in because of the credits system, and how there’s no way to get credits other than buying them, but yes, I’ll do something about it.

For the buy credits page, you should add some x padding for the buttons. It is as paced form the top, but not the side. It looks awkward.

Honestly I’m not that bothered at the moment about the credits UI since I’m probably going to disable it in the next update (on feedback from @02Alien and @Caladudes )

Hello, I made the map in the game, I’ll try to respond to some building feedback

I will say, it’s probably a bad idea to do stairs the way you’re doing

Thank you! Fixing this right away.

a map so incredibly tiny it serves no other purpose than to take up unused space

It is this for mostly 2 reasons

  1. Time
    I don’t have much time on my hands to make a full fledged map right away, maps the size of phantom forces take 10s of hours, especially when you are making every asset by yourself. I hope you understand.

  2. I’m not trying to make a real map, just a couple small buildings to test some guns. I agree, it is tiny. But it is not meant for 16 v 16 giant multiplayer rounds, but rather a place for 2 people to test out the shooting and how the game works instead of just shooting some dummies.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

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Hi, this is the first that I see of this game, and I have to say, this game is looking pretty good so far! Nice job!

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The gui kinda breaks when scoping in when reloading:

Thanks for the notice, I’ll fix that.

Ermm, You do realise they can just buy the 50 credits 2x and get it cheaper? Its also kinda a rip-off, Just saying.

Yeah I know, I’m not bothered to fix it to be honest, since i’m disabling the purchasing of credits next update

Thats a great way to fix a method for people to get more for less :I

No, I’m disabling purchasing credits not because of the thing you mentioned but because people are commenting about how I’ve monetised the game before the gameplay is finished, which I totally agree with.